New Businesses in Our Communities

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New Businesses in Our Communities

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Sydenham Society in another place wrote: Image
A very positive commentary that follows from a meeting with the new developer/owner/operator. The post virtually promotes the new venture.

It would seem that there is nothing to worry about.

What is puzzling is this.

Why post on a site that has such a low profile. Technically it is part of a web of "click bait" linked entities run by an unstable individual who has no viable interests in Sydenham, Forest Hill or Catford ?

Sydenham Town Forum, at least, is run and administered by local people.

At its best, it enjoys full engagement with its communities.

With seemingly only one very significant exception, The Sydenham Society. The newly classified "amenity" society (as per Damian Egan's recent branding) elects not to post or engage on this site.

It is my understanding that there has been engagements on Sydenham Town Forum in the past that could not have the term "frictionless" applied to them (all before my time on here guv).

That is history - so come on SydSoc it takes two to dance and to provide real amenity services to your members and community, delivered with a sense of integrity and honesty

Better that than associate yourself with a forum run by an irresolute individual with a track record of self-serving dis-honesty and who is a self-confessed stalker and sock-puppet. In short it should not be forgotten this individual, using forums and other media channels owned or run by him, created an entirely fictitious back-story to assist him in weaving a series of lies that he then used to try to incriminate an innocent member of our communities by reporting his own farrago of a tale to the police.

It is my understanding that on receipt of his report, the police elected to do nothing. Including not pursuing him for wasting police time.

Go on SydSoc - re-engage with the forum that is representative of the community - you can only win - and at worst you could be his next victim.

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Re: New Businesses in Our Communities

Post by Robin Orton »

Oh no, not more of this stuff.

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