Free bike servicing in Mayow Park?

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Free bike servicing in Mayow Park?

Post by mardy »

Hi all,

A friend and I are thinking of setting up a temporary free bicycle servicing spot in Mayow Park.

We’ve seen the huge queues outside bike shops at the moment and heard that some people can’t get appointments until August! So, as amateur mechanics with a bit of spare time on our hands we thought we’d try help the community a bit.

All labour would be free and it would only be on certain days of the week. We’d set the stand up somewhere out of the way, possible under the shelter on the edge of the cricket green.

Is this something people would want in the park?

Any objections?

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Re: Free bike servicing in Mayow Park?

Post by pip »

Great idea and good luck.
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Re: Free bike servicing in Mayow Park?

Post by mosy »

I'd be inclined to check park byelaw restrictions or ask the parks department first and they'd probably say no, as all and sundry could set up stalls with free goods/services, brackets donations welcome. Or go ahead and see if anyone stops you as long as it wouldn't attract a fine of course.

I think it's a great idea and would have no objection, but I ain't the council.

Edit PS: Is there another way, e.g. ask if you could set up in Girton Road car park, or maybe Sainsbury car park at Bell Green or somewhere if park is a no go?
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Re: Free bike servicing in Mayow Park?

Post by gurka »

I would certainly be interested ! every bike shop I've contacted has a 10 week plus waiting list :-( have a fixer upper job and tried following youtube video's and not had any success
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