Tranzmission Festival (Rave)

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The Clown
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Tranzmission Festival (Rave)

Post by The Clown »

The very fact that the rave day/night is going ahead...Is disturbing... This is despite COVID risking the increase of the “R” number in our local area.

Considering the likelihood of substance abuse, why is nobody talking about this and the possible negative impacts, be that the NHS, police or otherwise for this event.

When people have been asked to Shield for months, this is grossly unfair in my opinion.

So it seems this year, not only do we have to suffer the noise from a rave on a Sunday (?!)
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Re: Tranzmission Festival (Rave)

Post by f4monty »

I’d be astonished if this went ahead. They may be trying to sell tickets but there’s a reference on their website to possible cancellation and refunds. I guess the organisers are hoping restrictions will be lifted but I just can’t see that happening.
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Re: Tranzmission Festival (Rave)

Post by Sydenham »

What is this? Any details? Where is it planned and when?
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Re: Tranzmission Festival (Rave)

Post by sydenhamgardener2 »

The weekend of the 5th/6th September. I would be quite surprised if it went ahead.
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Re: Tranzmission Festival (Rave)

Post by alywin »

After the mini hell it put us through last year, I'm desperately hoping and praying it doesn't go ahead this year. If it does, we're moving out :(
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Re: Tranzmission Festival (Rave)

Post by monkeyarms »

Right now it wouldn't be legal.

Boris Johnson's announcements this morning suggest certain things regarding music and entertainment will relax in August, including indoor live music. This suggests that by September, larger outdoor concerts may also permissible. But I would be amazed if they would jump to the 1000 person level by that soon.

I mean, at the moment you are allowed a maximum outdoor audience of 30. It's pretty inconceivable that they will up that limit to the level that a music festival would need within the next 7 weeks. So I wouldn't worry.
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