Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

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Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

Post by JGD »

Pleased to report Linda (my BH) and I have enjoyed a number of visits to our favourite haunts in Sydenham in the post lock-down period.

Trattoria Raffaele with its small footprint is delivering an excellent offering that matches its pre-lock-down qualities. Tables well spaced, service at its usual superb level with a menu that has all of the exquisite choices we have always enjoyed. The warm welcome offered has to be a little more guarded now but it is a real pleasure to cross Raff's threshold once more.

And great to see Raff has picked up where he left off with his award winning and enjoyable characteristics delivered with finesse and élan

A new addition to the family and a new roof on the building to boot - it's been a busy lock-down for them.

The Dolphin has also resumed with a very different offering.

A new pizza oven dominates the setting now. It delivers a fast and vastly enjoyable range of pizzas. The old menu is no more.

A well designed safety system ensures guidelines for the pandemic are observed both by staff and by customers.

Friends who are a little more cautious than we are have expressed the view that they feel both safe and comfortable here.

On the recent Eat Out to Help Out nights there have been short queues outside but James, Harry and Angela and other staff have cheerfully and firmly moved things along. Well done to them.

Tonight in particular was very enjoyable with a very happy air in The Dolphin.

I think as we await a vaccine and this is therefore the norm, it is great to have establishments in which we can feel safe.

And where we feel safest, we can comfortably decide to return and enjoy ourselves.
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Re: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

Post by angela53 »

What a lovely and uplifting post JDG
I will definately plan visits to both venus soon
Good to be able to support local business
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Re: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

Post by f4monty »

Raff’s was and remains an absolute treat. Was there tonight again and undoubtedly the best food for miles around.

The Dolphin’s pizzas are excellent and the staff are taking the pandemic seriously.

Both these businesses deserve support.
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Re: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

Post by RJM »

I'm pleased they're both doing well, and will be trying to visit soon. I am a bit gutted that the Dolphin's menu is now pizza though - I mostly can't eat dairy so pubs that only do pizza are a terrible option for me. I really like the pub though!
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Re: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

Post by The Clown »

I agree - I won’t bother walking down to the Dolphin now that they have a menu restricted to Pizza.
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Re: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

Post by The Lady »

I’m disappointed that the Dolphin is only serving pizza. If having pizza on the high street then I would always opt for Trattoria Raphael. I also think it’s strange that the Dolphin decided to do pizza when the Italian restaurant is directly opposite them. I know there’s healthy competition but I don’t think it’s a great move for the High Street or very fair in the current climate.
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Re: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

Post by Pally »

I agree re the Dolphin. I think they should also offer some of their old regular fare, it was popular! Pizza seems a bit of an odd choice with 3 other options on the High Street - Mama Dough, Tart Raff and Mad Dough !!
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Re: Restaurants and Pubs - the New Norm

Post by simon »

The reason The Dolphin has gone over to pizza is that the landlord's Greenwich pup has closed down and he relocated the pizza oven from there. Also, he has contracted out the food offer to another company that only does pizza.
I had to laugh that the day after the Dolphin reopened, Tratt Raff announced that they were adding burgers to their menu. Retaliation!
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