New homes for Sydenham Hill Estate?

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New homes for Sydenham Hill Estate?

Post by stuart »

The City of London Corporation wants to replace the empty 99 flat Mais House and Otto Close garages in Sydenham Hill Estate with 110 homes to be let at social rent. Not everybody is happy. I'm undecided.

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Re: New homes for Sydenham Hill Estate?

Post by Growsydenham »

Local campaigners always say they want genuinely affordable, car-free, low-emissions social rented housing for local families. Rather than spending millions of taxpayers money with private landlords for poor quality temporary accommodation. Yet when the option presents itself, time and again, reasons are found to object.

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Re: New homes for Sydenham Hill Estate?

Post by sydenhamgardener2 »

110 homes in that space is a lot. That could be an extra ~300 people. I think I would prefer a lower density of homes as we don't have the infrastructure (especially GP places) for even more people.

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Re: New homes for Sydenham Hill Estate?

Post by JGD »

I have not read all of the late submission documents.

Cllr Alan Hall raised a range of matters around whether Planning Officers and thereby the Council had fully scrutinised their obligations around access matters and any adequacy of existing services (such as GP's) to meet the rise in numbers of people in that location.

And having failed to scrutinise them, the Council could not be seen to have delivered or discharged its obligations. To the extent Cllr Hall recorded his reservations that mandated requirements and obligations had not been dealt with satisfactorily.

The Planning Officer was NOT clear about how the Council might enforce and fully discharge these unmet obligations after Consent had been granted by the Council.

It was woolly at best. One to watch, I feel.

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Re: New homes for Sydenham Hill Estate?

Post by broken_shaman »

It's a shame, these days, that you seem to have to be for all development, regardless of how it looks on a road, in a conservation area containing some pretty lovely looking old houses/ mansions, or against all development of any description.

If only there was a middle ground where you could support knocking down some old, empty and fairly bland blocks and building some new housing, but without a very modern looking, 4 storey building towering over the road.

The hill slopes down steeply from the road, so taller blocks would be easily hidden further into the site.

I tire of the push to build housing without any objections/ democracy.

Anyway. It's approved now and most people will only know about it once they see it irl and I'd guess most of those people will say to themselves 'who let that through???'.

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