Mess left in Mayow Park

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Mess left in Mayow Park

Post by Clovers »

After seeing a few very large groups in Mayow Park on Saturday having large gatherings whilst they could before today’s change of social group size, I was disappointed to see such mess left in Mayow Park on Sunday. Not only bags around the bins but also all over the space that group was using.

If you can take all of that too the park, why can’t you take it home?

Thankfully today the park was clean and tidy.

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Re: Mess left in Mayow Park

Post by mosy »

I think litter bins became scant as long ago as the parcel bomb scares so are often inadequate in parks on busy days. That said, some people believe they have a right to leave rubbish as it keeps someone in a job clearing it up. That's something said to me once when I told somebody off for littering, one of the more polite responses needless to say. You'd think it'd be second nature not to leave litter, but clearly it isn't - anywhere.

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Re: Mess left in Mayow Park

Post by syd-gal »

When lockdown started in March, the amount of litter in all the local parks really increased, especially as restrictions were slowly eased. Most of the litter was drink bottles and cans, but also lots of other picnic and snack type rubbish. Such a pity people are too lazy to carry their rubbish home.

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