Replacement for Penge Lidl

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Replacement for Penge Lidl

Post by alywin »

I see the former Penge Lidl store (itself the former Edgington's furniture store) is being taken over by something called Mega Saver, I think it was. Not sure quite what it is, but the alcohol licence I think had a Turkish-sounding name on it. Given that it's virtually next door to the Penge Food Centre, I hope the two aren't going to compete too much.

Also, the former Penge Mobility Centre a few doors down looks to be becoming a Brazilian food shop ...
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Re: Replacement for Penge Lidl

Post by JMLF »

Rumour had it (Penge tourist board) that the owners of PFC were planning to move in there so whether it is true and they are moving out to the bigger unit, keeping the old one and having something different here or the rumours aren’t true and it’s completely separate who knows!
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Re: Replacement for Penge Lidl

Post by mikej »

I've heard it's a Mega Saver which is like an M & B discount store only smaller.
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Re: Replacement for Penge Lidl

Post by parker »

The shop sign looks very similar to a Mega Saver chain they have in Nebraska and Florida.
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