Sydenham is a London property hotspot

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Sydenham is a London property hotspot

Post by stuart »

Good news for people who own homes here. Bad news for everybody else. Top ten spots for rises in the last 12 months. Interestingly all but two are south of the river and half are in SE London:


Report: ... e-19924519

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Re: Sydenham is a London property hotspot

Post by JGD »

Interesting report.

Anecdotally had been hearing, through conversation mainly, that there was an element of Covid-flight from parts of Lewisham and, in the main, with people moving out to Kent in the last year. Not in the several hundreds but certainly around 50 instances allegedly.

It might be guessed that several factors could be at work. Some would move to get more bang for their bucks in terms of more space in their homes and gardens. Some may be moving as the kids approach secondary school age and there is a persistently held notion that Lewisham secondary schools are poor performers (not my view) and moving out is a route to improvement.

The numbers in the table would seem to dispel all of those notions, prices rise because of demand and as the prices are rising, it is assumed that demand is rising and a more accurate depiction of what is happening could be that people see a move into Lewisham as being a good option.

The criteria used here are probably too narrow - but as stated at the outset, interesting report.
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Re: Sydenham is a London property hotspot

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In Catford, I was told that flat owners in Forest Hill, Peckham and Clapham are selling up and buying houses in Catford with money left over for extensions.
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