Covid Vaccination- Sydenham Green Group Practice

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Re: Covid Vaccination- Sydenham Green Group Practice

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I had my 2nd jab a few weeks ago and it was fine. Although the queue was long (partly due to social distancing), it moves very, very quickly (I queued for around 7 mins or so). There are a very small number of chairs available for anyone who needs to sit while they wait - you can mention to the staff taking names as you join the queue that the person with you is unable to stand for any length of time. From what I observed when I had both jabs though that the staff are pretty observant and would often offer a chair to someone they thought needed to sit, so they may pre-empt you.

The whole process is very quick though and if the person is getting the Pfizer jab, they'll have to wait in the observation area (i.e. the waiting room) for 15 mins before leaving.

(I should say that I had both jabs at lunch time - 1.30 ish so I'm not sure if the queuing times are worse outside of those times).
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Re: Covid Vaccination- Sydenham Green Group Practice

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I received a message and booked.
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Re: Covid Vaccination- Sydenham Green Group Practice

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I went to the Green for my first Pfizer jab last week. There was a wheelchair outside (it wasn't raining) so once an unsteady person gets there, they will make provision, including someone escorting you in either to a chair or directly in for a jab. I'd suggest that any unsteady person notifies a marshal on arrival rather than just joining the back of any queue that's formed.

Mine was a 2.30 appointment and there was no queue to speak of, although about half a dozen were waiting when I left about 20 mins later. Luck of the draw?
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Re: Covid Vaccination- Sydenham Green Group Practice

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Had my 2nd jab there this morning at 1030am and just like last time, no queues, friendly people... I was in and out in under 5 minutes.

Feeling quite lightheaded and a bit hard to concentrate.. but even if I feel worse tomorrow it's still better than the alternative..
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