Noise pollution

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Noise pollution

Post by khaldrogo »

I live in Upper Sydenham, off Westwood Hill, and have noticed in the past few days a continuous heavy droning industrial type of sound in the distance that is disturbing the quietness I usually experience if I'm outside in my garden. I've gone out there at night and still can hear it. :?
Does anyone know what's causing it?
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Re: Noise pollution

Post by Parker1970 »

There was a similar thread last year (almost word for word)..

I suspect it may be an industrial fan extractor from a professional kitchen (i.e. restaurant/take away)... I sometimes hear it during the day and late into the evening but never in the middle of the night (midnight onwards)...

I could be wrong of course.
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Re: Noise pollution

Post by stuart »

I don't know how far you are from the lower part of Lawrie Park Gardens - but a neighbour is having underpinning work done. Hence we have a diesel engine presumably pumping concrete or whatever into the property 8/12 hours a day. Noisy but, I guess, necessary. Hopefully it will all be over soon.

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