Blackbird Bakery

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Re: Blackbird Bakery

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Interesting that Slatters are going for residential round the back - shame they closed I think as they employed quite a lot of people, but guess the owners had enough?

Went into Blackbird - not cheap for what you get, but nice enough, and I guess it’s a step up for the neighbourhood. Interesting contrast with the chicken shop.

I saw some builders and others in what used to be Namaste the other day - possible nail bar?
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Re: Blackbird Bakery

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Yes it is a shame Slatters has gone, not least because it provided employment for a lot a people, from mothers who could do the lunchtime rush to students who would work Saturdays. With so many regular customers and long serving staff, it was a focal point of the local community. Would often bump into local friends I hadn't seen for a while in there on a Saturday morning.
I think they may have some problems before Covid and I understand they had a contract to supply scones to Wimbledon during the Championship, which obviously didn't happen last year.
I hope the ground floor remains retail.
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