What do you think about The Golden Lion?

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El Cid
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What do you think about The Golden Lion?

Post by El Cid »

What does everyone think of the Golden Lion? I spent an enjoyable evening in its lovely garden at the back last night, but, not for the first time, the pub was virtually empty. Yet The Dolphin was busy. The Lion’s a spacious pub with friendly staff, but, for some reason or other, many locals don’t go there. Why is this the case? Can you spare a minute to complete this quick survey? https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SHKLWGB
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Re: What do you think about The Golden Lion?

Post by Sideofham »

El Cid you've raised something ( and put in a more eloquent way than I could have managed) I've often thought when I've compared the GL with the Dolphin.

The Golden Lion isn't a bad little pub, slight problem with the real ale quality now and then but always great service by polite welcoming bar staff. I can only think it's that strange attitude (I have it as well) where if there's not many folk in a pub potential customers are put off i.e it's empty for a reason so they head off to the Dolphin.

Which is sad as it's a good venue, not that often I drink on the high street nowadays but when I do I head to the GL and also recommend it to others, once it's gone it's gone..
Ps- completed the survey
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Re: What do you think about The Golden Lion?

Post by Jollylolly »

I like the golden too as the staff are really friendly. However the selection of beer is dull and occasionally the pipes for the beer need better cleaning. I think the whole place should be cleaner, saw cobwebs etc. You can smell the toilet. The menu changes all the time and have had more off days than good. It seems to not know its place - it’s not a boozer like the Alfred that does no food and has its regulars, but doesn’t have exciting beers/interesting food to attract folk that don’t want a boozer. In my opinion the cafe set up during the day just confuses everything even more. They are advertising a carvery at the moment - but do people actually want that these days? My image of a carvery is lots of meat in the open getting dry and yucky! I so want the place to be nicer and often go there hoping it will get better, but most of my friends prefer to meet in the dolphin
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Re: What do you think about The Golden Lion?

Post by angela53 »

I have completed the survey
I feel it needs a complete revamp as trying to be too many things to all men
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Re: What do you think about The Golden Lion?

Post by Parker1970 »

As an ex public house licensee.... reading the above comments reminds me very much of an ethos I lived by when running pubs.

1. Clean the lager lines every two weeks
2. Clean the real ale lines every other barrel change at most, every barrel change even better. The yeast build up on the lines with ale is much higher.
3. Have your best two real ales on all the time, the other two rotate to bring new "guest ales" in to keep the real ale drinkers intrigued on a bi-weekly basis. GET FEEDBACK from the guest ales... it could be that it could beat your two regular ones by a mile.. ale drinkers have a different and refined palatte.
4. Keep a REGULAR Food menu but add weekly/daily specials to add "Flava" but keep the staples that everyone enjoys going all the time.
5. A good wine selection
6. Fresh smelling toilets.

If you can do those six things.... you are on your way to a good regular custom.
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Re: What do you think about The Golden Lion?

Post by GuineaPig »

I’ve been to the Lion a few times to watch football, but it just has a reputation as a drinkers pub, and never seems particularly inviting for families. The last refurb seemed to be aimed at opening out the clientele but there wasn’t any advertising or promotion about this locally, so it didn’t really happen. Silly as it sounds, one of the things that’s initially off-putting is the frosted glass windows which don’t let prospective passing trade see inside.
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Re: What do you think about The Golden Lion?

Post by Pablog »

It's a great space, personally I'd like to see guest pop-up food traders there on a regular basis, makes it really interesting and promotes repeat visits Worked really well at the Old Nun's Head in Nunhead.
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