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Tree Works signs

Post by Willy » 29 Jul 2008 20:14

Some tree works signs have appeared in Maitland Road (on Alexandra Park?) saying major works are going to happen, anyone know what these works are or are they normal each year?

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Post by MartinH » 29 Jul 2008 21:47

Hello Willy,. this is Martin at 31. About two weeks ago I came home about 7.00 am and found two lads about to scale a ladder leaning on the tree outside my house. The tree had orange marker cones around it and the area had been taped off. I asked them what was going on and one of them replied that the tree had a sort of fungus and it had to be cut back so that just the crown was left. When I asked who authorised the cutting back I was told "I'm just doing my job". He continued to put on his safety harness and his partner prepared a chainsaw. At this point I felt a bit helpless but asked to speak to someone who could give me some sort of clarity. He duly rang his boss and handed me the phone. The bloke on the other end was polite and told me that Bromley council had instructed his firm to reduce the tree by at least 50%. I pointed out that the residents had'nt been notified and that the trees gave our road a special character. I said that I wanted to talk to someone in Bromley council but was informed that they would'nt be at their desks until 9.30 am. I said "OK, I'll wait under the tree until I do" . The two lads were dismayed and that I was stopping them from earning a living. About a month earlier there was a storm and a smaller tree to the left suffered a broken branch. The same two lads turned up and I thought they were going to cut up the branch that had fallen. Instead the chainsaw started and in an instant the tree trunk had been cut down to ground level,GONE FOREVER!!. Anyway I am sure that if I had'nt been there that early two weeks ago the same fate would have come to the tree opposite my house. I managed to alert my neighbours and they came out and we discussed what we should do. The tree "surgeons" looked on and it was only when I parked my car under the tree did they decide to pack up. My neighbour contacted a young man from the council and he promised to turn up around midday to discuss the matter. When he turned up he said that the tree surgeons had been instructed to trim the tree by up to 30% not 50%. We said that we understood that the tree had to undergo some cutting back but that someone from the council should be there at the time to monitor the pruning just in case the the bloke with the chainsaw gets a bit over zealous. He agreed and said he would notify us of the date of the cutting back. He phoned me yesterday and said they intended to carry out the work on wednesday, that is why the notices are on the trees. I will be back in the morning about seven and hope there is not a void where there was once a mature and beautiful horse chestnut tree. If any one in the road reads this tonight please park your car near the tree until I get back in the morning. At last-- sorry it was long winded.

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Post by Big Ben » 29 Jul 2008 23:18

Interesting to hear that Bromley (am I right in thinking it is the 'clean and green borough'?) is so cavalier when it comes to its trees. Its parks and roundabouts always look good, but perhaps its street trees don't get the same high profile treatment...

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Post by catscratch » 30 Jul 2008 10:49

#1 Bromley council should on no account be trusted in regards o matters in Penge.

#2 All native british trees can be managed by pollarding, this is common practice, but usually carried out in autumn winter or spring.
Any one who has visited France will have seen just how drastic this practice can appear; in some circumstances it actually strengthens the tree.
whether or not Horse chestnuts can be pollarded I am not sure, nut I think they can be, the trees inthe Luxembourg gardens in Paris ars Horse chestnut if I remember right.

#3 I remember the Alex when it was railed off, locked at night had a resident keeper, a cafe, the cycle training and much more.
Ever since Bromley council have had charge of it, it has undergone a calculated process of allowing it to deteriorate, starting with the removal of the fences.

Little by little the trees will succumb, not be replaced and that part of the park will be nothing but a patch of unkempt dirt, thus opening the way for it to be sold off for development.
Give it 10 ten years.
A dismal outlook? yes but I have watched it happen in LBBromley before.
Vigilance at all times.
They will bide their time and turn up at some odd hour when no one is about and that tree and others will be down in minutes.

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Post by mosy » 30 Jul 2008 11:00

Hi. I know nothing but have heard of tree preservation orders. Just wondering if they are issued by a body superior to or at least independent from a local council. I'd imagine so.

Just a thought.

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Post by charlieandpip » 30 Jul 2008 18:51

any update from today?

Bromley council did exactly the same along Cator Road, and then never replaced the trees despite assurances from their "Trees Management' team.

They also took down a 100 year old tree from the edge of Alex Rec (directly adjacent to our garden) without any notification - and no replacement tree.

Trees are included in the Conservation Area status of this area around Alex Rec - worth reminding them of this and that if they remove them without public notice they are breaking the law. They will claim that it is a diseased tree but the onus is on them to prove this before removal.

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Post by Willy » 30 Jul 2008 20:29

Well they came today and chopped the trees back, it is quite drastic in comparison but the trees are still there.

A point that has been overlooked is that the signs went up yesterday sometime after midday and the work commenced at 8am this morning, hardly a great deal of notice. I'm sure if I had been on holiday and car parked under one of the trees I would now be looking at a hefty towing and storage charge.

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Post by MartinH » 31 Jul 2008 06:50

Well, it's been done and to be truthfull it still has some branches with foliage and retained some symmetry. However I still believe that unless there was a representative from the council to monitor the pruning then we would have been left with nothing more than a trunk with a few stubs protruding from the top. Be vigilant and protect your enviroment.

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Post by catscratch » 31 Jul 2008 11:43

Vigilance rewarded.

But again those stubs that have cut been may well sprout next year.
It can look like a telegraph pole and still recover.

However,.......there are tree surgeons, tree surgeon cowboys and fire wood merchants.
I suspect LBC will opt for the two latter options.

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Post by poppy » 31 Jul 2008 11:55

I saw that tree with the broken branch and thought it was vandals. I can't believe they actually removed the whole tree, it was lovely...we definately need more trees not less.

I can imagine Bromley council being a bit slap dash on the Penge side of the borough, because they think people there will not care. But greenery has a huge impact on everyone. Streets with paved front gardens and next to no trees or shrubs can look completely different to another one (down and heel and depressing in my opinion) which has the same style of housing where people have taken pride in their environment and not put their car/cars first.

I would like more in my road, but I know there have been some problems with the wrong trees being planted in the past and causing issues for some householders. I know Lewisham council has a scheme where you can apply to get trees planted in your road, if your neighbours agree. A road in the Thorpes has used this scheme I believe. I mentioned it to my neighbours and they weren't keen, but I hope to find out more soon...

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Post by Eagle » 3 Aug 2008 19:30

Yes I agree we need to hold onto the trees. They make urban living just about tolerable

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Post by mikej » 7 Aug 2008 21:10

With reference to Catscratch's comment:
I agree wholeheartedly with you that Bromley are not to be trusted in how they treat Penge.
You then go on to suggest that they will eventually want to build on Alex Park.
I have to say that is highly unlikely - the planning laws forbid this sort of thing. Even in Bromley I can't think of one example of an actual park being completely abolished like you are suggesting!!

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