An example of a council who really care...

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An example of a council who really care...

Post by poppy »

....about the environment for residents: is Bromley.

Have any of you seen the display of plants and flowers in the borough this summer? They have these gorgeous tiered flower displays along most high streets and the area outside the council complex near the glades is spectacular.

Why can't Lewisham council do this? Is there really a huge difference in cash available? I know we got some hanging baskets this summer but that planter outside the post office is still pitiful.

I agree on the assembly and gardening thread about people failing to do things to improve the area because of what might happen which is apparently why Sydenham Green GP practice looks so depressing outside.
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Post by fishcox »

That is the first time I have ever heard Bromley Council described as being 'caring'.

They certainly didnt care too much about Crystal Palace Park, when they made so much of a pigs ear of it.
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Post by leenewham »

The problem with the flowers in the high street in Sydenham is that you can't see them, there is so much clutter, with the big brother-esq "love lewisham" recycle banners (shouldn't they say love Sydenham' if they are in Sydenham?), clutters of road signs and general high street tattyness. at 400 quid a basket that's a lot of money on something that you can hardly see. I'm not against flowers, but shouldn't we fix stuff first so we can actually appreciate them?
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Post by natbeuk »

Totally agree Lee - what's the point in decorating something before you've tidied it up?? Lewisham have missed out step 1 and jumped straight to step 2.

Those "love Lewisham" banners are so tacky, they look awful.
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Post by chrisj1948 »

The problem with the flowers in the high street in Sydenham is that you can't see them
We have one directly over our front gate :twisted:

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