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Post by goonerchamp »

4am Saturday 14th Feb - there is a fire raging at one of the £ shops on Sydenham road

I live above on of the shops on the high street (without wanting to give away my location !!!) and heard banging and breaking looked out of the window to see the following from the front
and from the rear Image

this looks like a pretty large fire and there are still many engines still in attendance now at 4:40 am

knowing the amount of chemicals etc stored in the shop this could be quite a big blaze - fingers crossed (mine mainly) that this does not spread as you can see I live pretty close by !!! :cry:
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Post by Barty »

Police still had that piece of high street blocked off when I went to work at 0610 :shock:
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Post by Eagle »

Looks nasty
I hope they paid more than GBP1.00 for their insurance
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Post by chrisj1948 »

Tragedy. It was Musti's Pound Plus Store - the best of the Sydenham 'pound shops'. Fire damage seems to be to the rear of the store. They claim they will be open again in a fortnight. I wonder if they will have a Fire Sale?

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Post by multisync »

I agree best pound shop in Sydenham,lots of little bargains to be had and such really nice friendly,helpful people!
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Post by Thomas »

Thanks for the photos Goonerchamp - it must have been a bit scary last night!

The cost of the fire must have run into two figures.
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Post by simon »

Dramatic pictures Carlos, you must have been worried!
Steve Grindlay
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Post by Steve Grindlay »

The News Shopper has an article on the fire
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Post by Weeble »

Oh dear! I agree that it's a good shop - I hope they're up and running again soon, and that they were well insured.
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