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Post by Wing »

The start of Penge High Street is being dug up (just before the Homebase) coming from Crystal Palace Park Road resulting in severe traffic congestion (since yesterday) in the Sydenham Hill, Crystal Palace Parade, Westow Hill going towards Sydenham and, especially, Penge. Try and avoid these areas between 16.30 and 19.30 hours.
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Post by nork1 »

Oh great, that's all I need - this really is getting beyond a ******* joke. How much more of this $hit are we going to have to put up with? I honestly can't remember when my journey from Lawrie Park Road to Lewisham was last free from delays due to bloody roadworks. The latest wheeze is the roundabout on Kirkdale/Dartmouth Road... sitting stuck on a bus in gridlocked traffic only to eventually pass it at 8:30 in the morning and notice a complete lack of anyone doing anything or, to really rub it in this morning, looking at 'workmen' sitting there drinking bloody cups of tea and doing NOTHING except watch people get utterly pi$$ed off at them.

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Post by MrsSJME »

The workmen on the corner of Kent House Road have now decided to start throwing around pipes and planks of wood at 7.00am every day this week - including weekends.....yet they don't seem to be doing too much around 4.00pm!!! 8 weeks it says on the sign.......what's the betting that the hole is still there at Xmas!
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Post by DerBrenster »

And after one day, they've managed to break the tarmac across the Penge High Street works at the end Crampton Road by... about 18 inches. Well worth the chaos being caused. No sign of anybody working at 5pm tonight. And the sign warning of "Roadworks starting 13/10" on a lamp post in CP Park Road was placed there on the 14th and gives no end date.

Add to this yet another set of traffic lights and a deep hole on the other side of the park at Anerley Hill/Hamlet Road and it doesn't matter which end you try to head south from Crystal Palace Parade - they're all stuffed.

Traffic on the Parade tonite was a nightmare at 7pm.

I was stuck for 30 minutes in Streatham last week for yet another set of gas works in Leigham Court Road. And I got to think - how much does this cost? In terms of wasted fuel, wasted time and increased pollution?

Why can't the utilities work three 8 hour shifts, around the clock and get this work done in a fraction of the time? It'd cost them a little more in terms of overtime perhaps, but the cost to the wider economy must be far greater. That might cause a little more disruption to people living next to the works while they're being done but if it was outside my house, I'd rather they just got it done and went away than drag it out over the many months that they have done.

It's this kind of stuff that stirs thoughts of revolution in me!

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Post by Ronski »

Found this page about the works & some contact information, be curious on what they have to say so post back if you call 'em... ... enewal.htm

"SGN's works will be carried out in phases in order to minimise any disruption as much as possible, and the high street as a whole should remain open for business throughout.

At the moment, it is anticipated that the work will take until April 2010. However, timescales may be subject to change dependent on progress made. SGN's website is regularly updated with the latest on the project's progress.

Thames Water (external website) is also continuing its programme of mains renewal in the area, which is now expected to last until September 2009.

Utilities companies' works are not under the management or jurisdiction of the Council. If you have specific queries about SGN's work, call their contractor Morrisons on 01622 762 135.

For any queries about Thames Water’s works, call their contractor McNicholas on 020 8687 8350.

If after speaking to the utilities company or contractor you need to discuss an issue with the Council, please call 020 8314 7171 or email"
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Post by dickp »

How many times will the temporary traffic lights at these roadworks have to break down before there in an accident?

I've seem traffic lights broken completely, or broken at one end for days at a time - especially at weekends. Drivers don't have a clue what to do, or whether it's safe to move.
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Post by DerBrenster »

I take it all back - for now. Unbelievably, the hole they made on Thursday got filled in on Friday (albeit badly) and the temporary lights disappeared, as did the signs on the lampposts!! Did someone actually wake up to the mayhem being caused?

But I fear this is only a short term reprieve. The road is covered in multicoloured paint indictaing where all the services beneath live so they'll be back.

Another aspect to all of these roadworks is the quality of the repair after they fill in the holes they make.

Even if the refilled hole is level when they depart, they've normally not compressed it hard enough and after a few weeks of lorries and buses passing over, the ex-hole becomes a long term depression - drive along Sydenham Hill to see my point.

I'd have thought it would be the responsibility of councils to ensure that doesn't happen and to check how well repairs are done but it doesn't seem like they do.
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Post by Nickerbockers »

MrsSJME wrote:I live on Kent House Road too and according to the signs there won't be any right turn from KHR into Sydenham Road, or any left turn into it from 5/10.....

Particularly liked the notice on the 356 bus stop which stated that it would be closed from 24/9 until COMPLETION......... absolutely no commitment to a date then.....

Also, why is it that the workmen seem to do bugger all for most of the week but on a Saturday morning at 8.30am it's a completely different story.....???!!!
Don't you just LOVE it!? I'm in Kent House Road too, and I don't drive so I'm particularly missing our bus service and not happy about this non-commital 'until work is completed' sign, basically to cover their backs yet not help us in the slightest. I feel sorry for the elderly people living in this road too, one used to leave from my block - to go shopping I guess - and she had the bus stop righ there, she's very slow moving and obviously it's difficult for her. Now she has no bus!!! It's annoying enough for me, but for elderly and disabled people it's just disgusting!

I can only hope this work ends soon... though it would be nice to sometimes see some people working there, it may give me more hope!??? :x
Southern Gas Networks
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Post by Southern Gas Networks »

The West Lewisham Town Centre Manager has confirmed that the Chairs Traders Association meeting will be on Tuesday 3 November at 1pm. The venue will be Kente, 16 Sydenham Road, SE26.
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Post by Bram »

What is the
Chairs Traders Association
? Is this something to do with the antiques shops that used to flourish round here?

Nice to see that the holes are permanent enough for it to be worth flyposters using the fencing round them - or are the contractors leaving them there to sell advertising space, like BT keep useless phone boxes cluttering up the high street?
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Post by lbere »

Yes, and the traffic management is not great. Car users are still turning right out of Kent House Road into Sydenham Rd, and right from Sydenham Rd into Kent House Road, with lots of funny driving positions going on, holding up following traffic. When the red lorries are reversing into the yard a bit up, traffic travelling from Bell Green into Sydenham Road, gets stuck within the road works, causing gridlock when the traffic travelling from Sydenham Road towards Bell Green, and so it goes on..........
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Post by Tim Lund »

At the meeting with SGN, Sydenham Traders and the Sydenham Society Nov 3rd, the SGN Team Manager promised fortnightly updates. This is the first:
The latest is, we abandoned the 24"CI main from Mayow Road to Kent House Road on Monday 16th and have started to insert the new 400mm PE pipe inside. We have also started on some preparatory works for the next section by joining two mains together in Fairlawn Park and Watlington Grove. We have also laid a new 500mm main from kent house Rd out into Sydenham Rd ready to connect to the inserted 400mm main.
That's all. More in a fortnight
There's also a leaflet on its way - see this link ... m_Road.pdf
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Post by Ronski »

Am I right in thinking the high street improvements won't start until this work is complete?
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Post by ALIB »

Ronski wrote:Am I right in thinking the high street improvements won't start until this work is complete?
yes, you are correct
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Post by Fatbackfour »

Congratulations to the muppets who have completly jammed Sydenham.
Now its every man or women for themselves racing down side roads and up and down residential streets.
I will be very interested to see if the is an increase in accidents on roads not designed to take the over fow traffic created by frustrated motorists trying to avoid the delays.
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Post by Fatbackfour »

I was Mr Angry from Sydenham last night but now feel calm enough to use some comparisons. The road works up and down Sydenham Road have been going on for about 2 years with the promise of more to come. The net result of this puts about 15 minutes at each end of the day to my journey to and fromwork. I need the car to do my job.
If I could travel by public transport I would.
If we offered the train commuters the same deal 15 minutes each way each day for nearly three years as a regular delay. I think you would..
A) want the head of the CEO of the rail company on a spike at the very least
B) Get your Sat Navs out and look for a route which was driveable.
C) Consider the option of cycling (for the very brave )
Even if the delays were in order to improve rail travel for all
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Post by sydenhampanther »

Credit where its due SGN are brilliant at blocking off roads, popping up temporary traffic lights and digging holes. They are doing it at a blinding rate.

Wish they could put as much effort into replacing these pipelines and pissing off as they did to digging everything up in the first place!
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Post by SAF »

I read the notice from Southern Gas Networks (link in former post) and was totally dismayed to discover that, once work on the south side of the road from Mayow Road to Bell Green is complete, they will begin planning work on the north side for that entire stretch of the road. Does that mean another 14 months of traffic jams? If we add to that the inevitable disruption of the High Street improvements ( I heard they may last 18 months), when will it ever end? Also, from what I hear from local traders who are suffering a huge loss of trade at the moment, will there be any businesses left in Lower Sydenham to enjoy our wonderful new High Street?
mrs woman
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Post by mrs woman »

The whole thing is a complete mess for the locals. I agree that the livelihood of the high street is at stake. Also cutting off access to a crossroads is very dangerous since there is no temporary crossings near somerfield and slaters and its off putting to try and cross. There is an accident waiting to happen.

I have sent an email to my local councillor and I suggest that unless we do similar and or raise some kind of protest to the management of these works it will carry on the same.
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Post by lbere »

The scary part is the end of Phase 2 and the start of Phase 3. Phase 2 is being worked on now. Phase 3 will be between Fairlawn Park and Bell Green and is due to start in the next couple of weeks and end March 2010.

Bell Green means Sainsburys

Any alarm bells ringing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine the traffic chaos that is going to be caused by people wanting to get to Sainsburys to pick up Christmas food shopping (lets not go off the vein and start talking about media hype/commericalism etc etc etc)

Its going to be a nightmare!!!!!
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