trattoria raffaele

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trattoria raffaele

Post by sydenhamboy »

I've said it before and I'll say it again - what a great little place! Only been there the once before and I was impressed both times. Back again on a packed night on Friday and the food was excellent. Friendly manager who is from Italy originally - so he speaks fluent Italian an fluent 'Sarf London'. I had the prawns with tagliatelle with squid ink. Delicious. Tasted really ... homemade .. and had that lovely bistro ambience. All that and I could walk home. Evening kicked off with a couple of cocktails from the Dolphin. Pleased to see both the Dolphin and TR were packed. Just goes to show huh?

Come on, Sydenham .. another nice restaurant and another nice bar please. There is clearly a market.
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Post by leenewham »

Totally agree.

I'd love a friendly little bistro here too.
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Post by G-Man »

I was there the same night and had the prawns with squid ink...delicious! Raff is also such a great host. It was his birthday on Friday too.

Afterwards me and G-girl caught some excellent blues courtesy of Earl Green in the Golden Lion...even had a mini boogie.


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italian restaurant

Post by thethreeamigos »

yes have been to TR before and was impressed great atmosphere great food..........great night.....
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Post by TommyP »

.... great times
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