How's the commute?

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How's the commute?

Post by alywin »

After the initial comments, it all seems to have got a bit quiet on here re the Sydenham-London Bridge commute. *Has* it got worse since the train frequency was cut, or have people found ways around it?

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by hilsbee »

Personally, I have stopped using the service altogether. I tried it for a while, but found the tube no help to me at all, and the reduced services through London Bridge made the journey awful.

My usual journey now is from Penge East to St Pancras and I find it almost completely stress free (and I never thought I would say that about Thameslink :? ) and it's cut 15 mins each way off my journey. I also use the South Eastern line from Lower Sydenham direct to Charling Cross on occasion, and quite like that too.

Of course, both stations are in Zone 4 and it costs more, and I am lucky in that I can afford the extra £29, but I wouldn't go back to the Southern route through London Bridge unless I really have to.


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Re: How's the commute?

Post by JeeBee »

I just switched to the Overground which is more frequent, and clean.

15 minutes to Canada Water + switch to Jubilee Line (although only one escalator is a problem).

Before it was having the long walk at London Bridge, and the train would always have to wait outside the station for a platform, so it's saved some time.

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by G-Man »

Fine on the way in, always get a seat as usual. On the way back a bit poo as only four trains an hour, I usually end up waiting 15mins at LB. Sometimes, if I time it right I go straight to Lower Syders from Charing Cross.


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Re: How's the commute?

Post by bobmcbob »

I gave up on the london bridge route when they binned the fast train in the morning.

Now go the other way to Victoria and always get a seat, although the train is almost always late arriving at victoria. Have noticed that train getting busier and busier as people realise there are direct trains going roun the loop in the morning peak now.

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by Cathy »

Whilst I do miss the fast trains up to LB (and back again), it is soooooooooooooo nice to be able to sprawl out now. Always, always get a seat - and very rarely does anyone sit next to me - gets my thumbs up - I do find it much more relaxing now :D (I am now thinking that maybe I shouldn't have said this in case they decide to reduce the number of carriages :( )

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by Weeble »

I've switched from SYD>LB>CHX on national rail to SYD>Canada Water>Westminster on Overground and Jubillee line. Journey is faster - as little as 30mins - and generally more reliable. Journey time reduction is especially good on the way back, where typically I only have to wait 2-3 mins for a connection at Canada Water rather than London Bridge where 10mins is more usual. Plus flexibility of turn-up-and-go at Sydenham in the morning rather than needing time it around a specific train.

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by tommynhs »

I've been commuting into the centre of town a lot recently and have found that the change at Canada Water is probably quicker / easier than London Bridge. The Trains seem to be less busy on the way back too.

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by JRobinson »

I used to get the train to LB, and then a bus to Mare St, Hackney. which was an hour and a bit, now I go all the way to Dalston Junction, and a ten minute bus the other end, it's just under an hour. easier for me, more time on the train, less on the bus.

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by Big Ben »

Good news on extra rush-hour evening trains from London Bridge in December - and an extra late night train on Saturday. ... -december/

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by alywin »

Well, that's good to know, anyway.

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by Checkmate »

My commute was easy, and still is. I always get a seat and my trains are never crowded. I have a choice of two stations I can travel to, and at least four trains an hour going there, sometimes six, starting from silly o-clock in the morning.

Maybe you should all get jobs in Croydon and work shifts, which would mean you go in the opposite direction to the hordes, and commute when they are either in bed, or at work already :D :D

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by Askew »

Well, for me, the Overground line up to Shoreditch has been fantastic. Having worked in Shoreditch for the last few years and going via LB and then walking to Shoteditch (avoiding overcrowded and very slow busses), the new 25min Overground journey is great and cut my journey by half.

Trouble is, I've just set up my own business working from home so no longer use the new trains daily but I'm still a big fan. Must say though, now I'm spending more time in Sydenham I have been surprised to discover how much is on offer here and also in surrounding areas. Just goes to show what you can miss charging in and out of central London all he time...

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by stuart »

And things can only get better (eventually).

I had long dismissed Crossrail as an expensive folly to transport lads from Henley to Canary Towers without having to mix with ordinary London tube commuters. Certainly no help for those of us paying for it south of the river.

A glance at the new map indicates I may be making the same mistake when I thought the Overground would be of no use to us going to central/west end London. The interchange with the Overground at Whitechapel brings the west end even closer then the Jubillee Line connection at Canada Water. Roll on 2018!

Take a look:


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Re: How's the commute?

Post by rbmartin »

Crossrail should relieve the pressure off the Jubilee for passengers going west at least. I'll probably use the ELL to Whitechapel and then Crossrail to Bond Street to go to Oxford St for example.

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Re: How's the commute?

Post by Gaz »

I very rarely use London Bridge any more for my commute to and from work (at Tower Hill) as the Overground and District is more frequent and convenient (although takes about the same amount as time).

I still tend to use London Bridge and Southern if I'm out in the evening though due to the later running trains (and the NR connection between CHX and LB is still very handy - even if they did do away with our direct service).

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