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Post by Moonpig »

Apart from the Love Lewisham website, does Lewisham Council actively do anything else about flytipping eg cameras, notices etc? The bottom of Spring Hill (next to the grassy mound) seems to have become a tipping hotspot over the last few months (as I am sure have other areas, this particular one is just the one that I see everyday) no sooner is it cleared away then more rubbish reappears from bags of garden waste to matresses and concrete bricks.
I have reported instances many times via Love Lewisham and the response is extremely quick and it is always cleared away, however surely there comes a point where prevention is better than cure?!
I know that if caught there is a hefty fine, however it seems that the chances of actually being caught are fairly slim?!

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Re: Flytipping

Post by mosy »

It's complicated to my little brain. The cost of weigh-scale dumping at a tip costs £lots, so Q: would it save money to install cameras, man them, employ manpower to track down culprits from grainy photos etc etc or is it cheaper just to clear away what is fly tipped or reducing dump charges? It's unfair that as responsible people we pay to dispose of things and others don't but that's as far as I've got. That the council clears away things promptly is encouraging but perhaps that's an incentive to fly tip? Then again the furore which would arise if they didn't... Very complicated. Chicken and egg methinks. Glad I ain't a council member.

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