WWI Postcard Research

The History of Sydenham from Cippenham to present day. Links to photos especially welcome!

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WWI Postcard Research

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My name is Leigha and I am an Honors history student at a university in Canada. I recently got the task to research the history of a postcard from WWI as part of a my course. My studies and work have brought me here to this form with the hope that someone can provide me with some information regarding the people living at the address 22 Bradford Road around January 1916. Any help is appreciated!

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Re: WWI Postcard Research

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Step 1: Where is Bradford Road? Work out which London borough it is in (my initial Google suggests Ealing, but it's possible there's been a name change since 1916, not having the relevant resources to check I'm not sure).
Step 2: Contact relevant borough's archives/local history library and ask who is on the electoral register for that address in 1914 (no electoral registers during the war).
Step 3: Look them up on the 1911 census and go from there.

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Re: WWI Postcard Research

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Dear Leigha in Canada- 22 Bradford Rd. Sydenham in 1916 was the home and business of the appropriately and coincidentally named Alfred Bradford,Picture Frame Maker.He moved there in 1912 and lived at the address for many years.He survived WW1 and was still there in 1939 but he seems to have passed away during or not long after WW11.
There were two adults living there in the early 1950's ,Ada and Agnes Bradford,his daughters or possibly his widow and a daughter/relative.This I've gleaned from old directories and electoral records. In 5 years time the 1921 census records will be available,which will give more information,but I guess your University studies will have finished by then!
1870's/1880's- built Bradford Rd. was demolished in the early 1970's along with other Victorian terraced streets in the Wells Park Rd. area.As a boy then I used to play in the derelict houses awaiting demolition in Bradford Rd..The 1970's housing of the Wells Park Estate and a new row called Bradford Close now stands roughly where Bradford Rd. used to be.

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