A short history of this website ....

The History of Sydenham from Cippenham to present day. Links to photos especially welcome!
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A short history of this website ....

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Anything IT related from the last millennium is not history - it's ancient history so I guess this has a place in the Town Museum!

Many of you may know I created the original site and managed it until 2015. So while rummaging for something else Saturday I unearthed an old backup CD which had a copy of the website as it first appeared in 1998.

It was then just an experiment to use up free space on Freeserve - our ISDN connected ISP. Sydenham Town prospered and got it's own domain sydenham.org.uk the following year. It spawned this forum in 2004. And, happily, I also have a backup from 2005. The websites were chiselled in pure html code and so work just as well today as they did then - except many links have passed to the great 404 in the sky.

Trying to get the original forum back up is not practical. Nevertheless the posts that had been made them are still here - somewhere!

And to keep the whole thing local - if you click on this links you can see both the 1998 & 2005 sites coming from a tiny RaspberryPi running in my garage: https://archive.brainsys.com/Index/sydenham.org.uk/

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