Shoe Repairers, Kirkdale, mid 1900s

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Chris Doran
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Shoe Repairers, Kirkdale, mid 1900s

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Someone on another forum is trying to find something about an uncle who had a shoe repairer's shop in or around Kirkdale, probably from WW2 to the 1970s. She doesn't appear to have his surname. I have offered several names from my limited number of Sydenham directories, but none ring a bell. It may have been actually called The Kirkdale Shoe Repairers. Can anyone here help?
Steve Grindlay
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Not much information to go on, Chris. One possibility is William Edwin Usher. He was a bootmaker/shoe repairer at 141 Kirkdale from about 1931 to 1958. The shop was just past Willow Way, on the site of Tesco's. In this picture (taken in 1956) it is between Packman and Mann's:


These buildings were demolished about 1958 and Usher appears to have retired from shoe repairing at this time. He may well have lived above the shop until about 1940 when he moved to 57 Kirkdale, further up the hill past Charlecote Grove, where he was still living in 1982.

If this is not your man then there was also John Albert Straker. He was at 120 Kirkdale (where Corals now is) between about 1925 and 1939.
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