Work at Crystal Palace

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Work at Crystal Palace

Post by Paxton »

(Not sure this is the correct placing, so feel free to move it, although most Crystal Palace info seems to go here.)

There is something going on at the site of the Palace. On the parade, just about where the Fire Station used to be, there is now a site entrance and beyond that it appears that some work is being done.

Does anyone know anything about it? I can never go slowly enough to see what's there, but it appears that trees are being cleared etc.
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Post by leenewham »

I think they are just doing some general gardening Paxton. They started clearing all the rubbish and weeds around the museum. How did you see it anyway, you are facing the wrong way.
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Post by Konqi »

I don't know about the side of the parade, but some of the trees growing out of the North Tower have finally been cut down this week. The only ones left are growing on Thames Water's property.
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