1940's Rationing

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1940's Rationing

Post by sean »

Is there anyone in Sydenham or local area who remembers rationing during the 1940s? Am looking to have a chat, on video, about theses times for a video project. You could have experienced rationing anywhere in the UK but really looking for local people, that's down to travel costs more than anything. Thanks.

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Re: 1940's Rationing

Post by Eagle »

Just missed it being born in 49. Recall just I think end of sweet rationing.
I know my parents and grandparents hated waste and always had to eat everything put before me. Some of todays spoiled children take note.

I am sure there must me many who recall rationing who live in Sydenham , but doubt if many have or use a computer. Best of Luck . Perhaps you should contact places where people of 70 plus congregate.

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Re: 1940's Rationing

Post by chrisj1948 »

I am a tad older than Eagle. I can remember sweet rationing ending in 1953, for obvious reasons, and the orgy of jam-making later that year when sugar was no longer rationed. I also remember seeing a picture in the local Tyneside paper of a butcher in striped apron burning a pile of ration books when meat rationing ended in 1954.


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Re: 1940's Rationing

Post by Robin Orton »

You'd have to be well on in your eighties to remember actually having to manage the constraints of shopping when so much food and clothing was 'on the ration.'

I have two memories from my childhood in Leicester. One is that when my nursery class held a Christmas party we all had to take as many 'points' (coupons) to school as we could spare, so that sweets could be provided. And the first thing I made in 'handwork' at infants' school was a ration book holder. My mother claimed to be delighted with it - although I don't remember her actually using it!

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Re: 1940's Rationing

Post by Beerboy »

I was born in 1933 so I remember the food rationing and Utility furniture. I lived in Springfield Rise. My mother used to send me to Bradley 's the butcher in Wells Park road with the instructions "Half a leg of lamb, knuckle end two and six (pence), and have you got any extras'? I think the lamb, if you were lucky to get it was our weeks ration for three of us. And also if you were lucky Mr, Bradley would craftily grab something from under his block and wrap it up, out of view, in newspaper and put it in my bag. Then tick off or cut out the coupons in the book, sometimes with the remark, 'tell your mother she has a bloody cheek!' It could be some offal or a rabbit. We never bothered too much about sweet rationing although I used to get a bit resentful when the other paper round boy (Idelivered Sundays) used to get given a small bar of something. He was the favourite, maybe because I used to arrive late and get told off by customers waiting for their papers.One time while on my round I was taken short and had to duck into Wells Park toilets. No toilet paper was available in those days, so, somebody went short of their middle pages! Horrible kid!

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