In pain? Body therapy SE26

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Body Therapist
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In pain? Body therapy SE26

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Hi All. I intended to send this months ago actually but it fell off my 'to-do' list.

I'm a Sydenham based physical therapist offering and delivering remedial therapy at various venues in the area. I deal with relieving acute pain.

My craft is Thai or Thai yoga Massage, however I deliver integrated therapies, by which I mean a variety of techniches which loosen the body, soften tense muscle tissue, release fascia connective tissue, use 'cross-fibre friction', apply some gentle assited 'passive' stretches and help joints by using mobility range loosening.
Back issues, neck/shoulder stiffness, leg tightness from over-exertion, soothing foot work..... fixing bodies basicaly.

* For people suffering with Anxiety and Sleeplessness, I offer an extremely calming treatment focussed on Neuromuscular point-release, which involves extremely subtle activation on very specific points in various easy to access parts of the body, hands/feet. Additionally I also aid discomfort with my style of yoga therapy, being a yoga practitioner myself, by showing you a few yogic breathing techniques (it's all in the breath!).

Another thing I help my patients with is basic stretching and fluid movement exercises.

Naturally I am fully insured and qualified. I'm also full time! Call, text or email me and discuss your aches and pains with me, chances are I can help you with something.
Its been a long time since I last enjoyed interacting on ST Forum and its good to be back!

I offer treatment vouchers valid for use up to three months from date of purchase. You can buy somebody a very special gift!!
Bye for now and Good Health! (or) Nı s̄uk̄hp̣hāph thī̀ dī! (or) ในสุขภาพที่ดี!

Paul Davis (MFHT)
Spiritual Thai - Remedial body therapy, pain management and relaxing therapies for mind and body.Traditional Thai Massage and Thai medicine

To book a treatment or enquire as to availability: 07501 978 509
Feel free to ask me anything about my practice: (WEBSITE BEING UPDATED AS OF 15th JAN 2020)

Read about me here:
fb: Paul SpiritualThai
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