Quick question

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Quick question

Post by AndrewPayton »

Hello all

I'm looking for an insulation company that can determine options for insulating my roof. Google isn't throwing up very helpful results.

Has anyone got any recommendations for insulation specialists they've used in the past?

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Re: Quick question

Post by avaxandra »

If google can't help nobody can :lol: Try looking for it on the social web, maybe you'll find some local repair companies and compare them. Also, you can try to find some review sites like this one and compare yourself
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Re: Quick question

Post by mosy »

AndrewPayton, Hi and welcome.

I'm not sure I understand the question, because in my thinking roof insulation would only be needed if a loft conversion was planned, and "breathers" were installed in the roof itself. This because condensation rises up to the roof cavity and is cleared by airflow through the loft/eaves ventilation, so insulation is normally laid into the floor of the roof cavity, i.e. above the ceiling of the highest rooms.

I've found roof insulators on Google, but I'd think your best bet would be to ask a loft conversion company, even if you don't want or have a loft conversion. On the other hand, if you're planning a new roof, the roofing company ought to know how to install it simultaneously.
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