Baby shops in Sydders

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Baby shops in Sydders

Post by tizzyness »

Quick one (before I have resort to going to Sainsburys) are there any baby clothes/gift shops in or around Sydenham? Never needed them before so haven't really taken any notice.

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Re: Baby shops in Sydders

Post by mosy »

There is a shop near (in between I think) Barclays bank and Cancer Research more or less opposite the Co-op and next to the men's shop ICXS(sp). I'm not sure exactly what they sell in terms of babies and gifts though certainly are focused on younger age. Their items look to be of good quality.
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Re: Baby shops in Sydders

Post by Fatbackfour »

The shop you are thinking of is called Wear Abouts. It sells baby wear and a full range of school uniforms.
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Re: Baby shops in Sydders

Post by KM »

Alhambra on Kirkdale sells some toys which are suitable for babies and children, and handmade/craft type things
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