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Playing out!

Post by Mazzer »

I've been reading a bit about this recently: ... s-for-kids

Basically closing off your street for a couple of after-school hours once a month or so in order for children to play out. Sounds like a great idea to me. I'd be up for organising this on Byne Road or any other road nearby if anybody wanted to join me?

This Bristol-based website has a great how-to guide including templates for residents consultation and everything else we'd need:


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Re: Playing out!

Post by Suzee »

Hi Marie,
What a great idea! We live round the corner from Byne Rd but would be interested in something like this. Also a good opportunity to meet neighbours.
I wonder how the council would feel about it. Would the entire road need to agree?

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Re: Playing out!

Post by mitch_ems »

Hi Marie. Great idea. I'm on Homecroft road and would be happy to sign up. Emma

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