SE London jazz workshop

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SE London jazz workshop

Postby Kmamac » 11 Aug 2017 18:42

South East London Jazz workshop.
I’m looking to set up a jazz workshop in SE London and now reaching out to establish some interest.
Like the Batterersea jazz workshop on the other side of London its aimed at musicians who are new to jazz, out of practice, or simply want an opportunity to play in a friendly environment as though no one’s listening.
Style wise it will be 1940’s onwards, not trad, dixie or big band style. I would envisage tunes such as All Blues, Autumn Leaves, Blue Bossa, Song for My Father,
Summertime, Cantaloupe Island and Take Five would be regulars.
I envisage it being twice a month. When ready it would be good to showcase the workshops’ new skills so I would like to have a goal of doing a gig or two when ready. There is no pressure for you to do this – no commitment. We can do it with those happy/ready to do so.
Location wise I’m looking at proper rehearsal places which can provide a back line. Current favorite’s location wise is Peckham, Brockley and New cross.
Cost wise it will be around £10-12 for something like 3 hours. So if you play bass, guitar, drums, sax (alto, tenor or baritone), trumpet, trombone or piano and interested please email me the following details.
Instrument: (be specific, if it’s a double bass say so you hero!)
Any preference for times?: i.e weekday evenings/weekends/any time is fine.
Skill level/experience: e.g. tell me where it’s at.
Predicted attendance: i.e hopefully everyone-I’m super keen/most of them when other commitments don’t get in the way/I will dip in and out.
Workshop Location: i.e. OK with suggestions/bit of a trek but OK/not good.
Your location. This kind of ties in with the above question. If there is a massive interest from people in say Greenwich, I could move the rehearsal room search focus towards there. (Although to be honest as I’m in Forest Hill I’m selfishly keeping it near me as I’m organizing it!!!!
Age: Not really! It doesn’t matter- let’s say no more than 100.
Any other comments:
My time line is to let this advert run for say 3 weeks to gauge the interest. As soon as it looks like we have critical mass with all the correct elements I will start booking rooms organising web page etc etc.
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Re: SE London jazz workshop

Postby MagmaTimes » 14 Aug 2017 09:37

Totally up for this. Wicked idea. Very happy to bash skins or tinkle ivories, as required. Will email when I get home late tonight.
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