Piano lessons

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Piano lessons

Post by Louli »

Hi, I am looking for a piano teacher for my children and was wondering if anyone could recommend someone on the area?
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Re: Piano lessons

Post by OnCrestOfHill »

You could try Jose Chebeto Requena. He is Sydenham based (07882520108 or veneducate@gmail.com)

He is a very experienced teacher and a bit multi-talented: a professional clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist and teacher with extensive experience in a great variety of genres, including classical, jazz and Latin.

He has been putting up with my inept adult attempts to play the piano for the last few years and is a nice guy. In pre-lockdown days, I’ve seen him going out of his way to be warm and encouraging with kids waiting for lessons with others; and many of his students seem to stay with him a long time.
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