Rolf Harris

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Rolf Harris

Post by Willy »

Why do the press continually refer to Rolf Harris as from Sydenham? ... f=mr&lp=15

He is quite clearly Australian and was born there and just because he lived in Sydenham briefly doesn't make him from Sydenham. Are the News Shopper so desperate for stories?

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by maestro »

Well what can one expect from the News Shopper? We're all heroin and cocaine dealers according to their latest headline, anyone know when we're all due in court? :shock: ... orth_Kent/

Edit:- Oh, they've just amended it. All evening it stated "Sydenham charged with dealing heroin and cocaine".

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by Eagle »

I am not sure how briefly. Well remember seeing him and his good lady in the 60's , believe they lived in Border Road, I assume a Plaque is there .

Does it really matter how long he lived in Sydenham . What is the problem.

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by iandavenport »

believe he lived in Kent House Road in the second half of the 60s ( went to school with kids from the family that lived next door, in what i think is now Albermarle Lodge)
as i recall it , and i was very young at the time, they lived in the last house in Bromley, he in the first house in Sydenham
From google maps , looks like his house was knocked down and a development built in both back gardens

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by Eagle »

You may be correct but believe he also lived for a time in Border Road ? But of course may be wrong.

Not another terrible back garden grab for speculator to make a fortune. I like gardens.

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by grimes6 »

I lived at the corner of Border Road and Lawrie park Road in 1976 and Rolf Harris used to plant gum trees in our back yard but they unfortunately did not survive the mower! I met his dad on one occasion he was visiting from Perth .

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by milton »

late 1950s/early 60s he had a house in Border Road for sure.

Rolf harris by Willy, is it only me that gets a childish delight from that conjunction?

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by GemStone »

Forgive me for such a late comment on this.

My son once told me where Rolf Harris lived, but I can't remember where. All I remember is (ironically) the next door neighbour had a eucalyptus tree in the front garden. Apparently, my son and his mates often wound up Rolf by playing knock down ginger on his door. Rolf often shouted quite vile abuse at them. Though I would've probably shouted the same if people kept knock down gingering me!!

Earlier whilst reading this thread, I came to the conclusion, some folk wish Rolf didn't 'come from' Sydenham. But in Rolf's heyday, everyone were proud to have Rolf reside in Sydenham.

I was horrified about what came out in court, concerning Rolf's evil ways. But, to be honest, I admired Rolf. He was a brilliant artist. I remember he used a big brush and all his paintings were brilliant. I know I will get shot down for admitting this, but part of me still likes Rolf Harris.


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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by stuart »

Yes Rolf was used by various Sydenham organisations in publicity stunts.

I have some 10x8 b/w shots of Rolf presenting prizes to (young) children here in Sydenham. Some local people are recognisable so I'm not going to share them here or anywhere. Can't force myself to destroy them though.

He lived about 100 yards from me but he left a couple of years before I arrived. I saw his autobiography in a National Trust book sale at the Red House. Nobody wanted to buy it. He was my hero with his fast'n'furious sketching on BBC Children's Hour in 1950s. How the mighty have fallen.


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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by stone-penge »

yeah he was a great fella.
Apart from the raping children bit.

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by JGD »

stuart wrote:
16 Jul 2019 22:51
He was my hero with his fast'n'furious sketching on BBC Children's Hour in 1950s. How the mighty have fallen.

I know you will plead forgetfulness - thought it was the mid-to late sixties myself before he made his TV thingy work after his hit songs.

Never get too close to your heroes - major disappointment to me when I heard the awful news about his predilections and crimes.

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Re: Rolf Harris

Post by SnailTrail »

I read his autobiography (a long time ago) and I thought he lived in Streatham!

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