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Family Research

Post by Rachelh81 » 14 May 2017 20:39

Not sure if anyone is able to help, however I am researching my family history and one of my relatives used to live in Sydenham (Venner Road). From speaking to family members it is believed that she also owned a pet shop in Sydenham probably sometime between 1920 and 1950. The owners name was Lily Leach but unfortunately I don’t have any further details or know the name of the pet shop. I haven’t managed to find any electoral roll records but I know she lived in Sydenham until she passed away in around 1972. I understand this was a long time ago which is why I’m not very hopeful but thought it might be worth trying anyway just incase anyone is able to provide any information (no matter how small), it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

22/05/17: Just found out that Lily may have been a Canary Breeder rather than pet shop owner.

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Re: Family Research

Post by Michael Viner » 1 Jun 2017 22:23

Rachel- the Leach family you mention must be the ones who lived at 103 Venner Rd.,which is still there today,of course.
Those old directories only listed the 'head of the household'- usually the man of the house,unless a widow lived there;in the 1930's Arthur Ernest Leach was listed as living there,presumably with his family.
I've looked at bird and animal breeders in old Kelly's Directories but can't find a Lilly Leach amongst them,I'm afraid
There was an animal breeder/'dealer in animals' /pet shop at 298 Sydenham Rd.(long gone-now a block of flats just past the turning of Porthcawe Rd.) in Lower Sydenham in the 1940's and Whites Pet Shop,still going strong on the corner of Sydenham Rd. and Girton Rd., has been there since the 1950's.

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