More memories - Saxon Tavern anyone?

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Re: More memories - Saxon Tavern anyone?

Post by cidersioux »

Used to go there every week to see the rock bands with my biker friends to watch the balloon dancers and the dwarf throwing competitions... don't think they would allow that nowadays... Del Stevens is a friend of mine and am regular contact with him on Face book and is living the life in Portugal now... The day Lidl opened me and three friends walked into the store with a portable sound system blasting out ac/dc and motorhead and head banged all round the store in protest.. Ahhh those were the days... lol

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Re: More memories - Saxon Tavern anyone?

Post by Martinheff »

Saxon Tavern. Went there every Friday night early 80's with my biker mates. Upstairs was Rock night, DJ Del Stephens playing Sabbath, Purple, Zeppelin, all class rock music through a PA so loud you had to shout at the barstaff at the far end of the room to get a drink. Loadsa memories, good times, too much beer and great music. Occasionally kicked off in the car park if they had a soul disco downstairs same night. Where have the years gone?

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