Replacing windows

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Replacing windows

Post by Sydering » 21 Sep 2019 11:37

Dull post but, I'm looking to replace windows and doors in my house. Has anyone recently done this and can recommend a company? Also I can't decide between sash windows or just opening ones. Does anyone have an opinion?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Replacing windows

Post by mikej » 24 Sep 2019 12:08

My advice would be to replace with the sash windows. We had 60s style double-glazed in our Victorian property, which were useless in hot weather. Then a few years ago we replaced them with double-glazed wooden sash windows, which make the house look MUCH better. Even better, they've enabled us to cope in hot nights. The trick (which many seem not to know) is to open BOTH sashes on the hottest nights. Cooler air then comes in through the bottom gap, warm air leaves by the top. Perfect!
It seems the modern upvc designs are a step backwards and those Victorians had better designs.

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Re: Replacing windows

Post by alywin » 28 Sep 2019 23:29

Assuming you have a Victorian/Edwardian property or similar, I'd certainly recommend sticking with sashes (at least where they can be seen - I'll admit we didn't put one in the bathroom) for authenticity - some of the alternatives can look downright weird, especially when open. And I agree with Mike about airflow. Could I also point out how very environmentally unfriendly uPVC production is, in case that's a concern? I saw some flyers locally a year or two ago for a company which does wooden sashes - I'm trying to remember where. Might have been the dry cleaners down at Penge East, or Alexandra Garden Centre. I don't think it was on the "noticeboard" on the side of the coffee stall down at Penge East ...

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Re: Replacing windows

Post by monkeyarms » 18 Oct 2019 07:51

If you can, go for the solution with the best energy performance (eg triple glazing, which, confusingly doesn't always literally refer to triple glazing so much as the best performance, I understand). It will cost more but it should hopefully make your heating bills less. And give you a warm self-righteous glow of eco satisfaction.

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