Anyone else have a birthday yesterday??

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Anyone else have a birthday yesterday??

Post by Nickerbockers »

The awful day that WAS yesterday just happened to be my birthday! It was awful - 12 hours without electricity and me going stir crazy with no TV, Internet and having to change my plans to go out!! Felt VERY sorry for myself! :(
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Post by Weeble »

Poor you - I was thinking myself lucky that I only had laid-back Sunday plans, and that it didn't matter that I only had unironed clothes to put on and couldn't wash and dry my hair.

On a birthday that would have been no fun at all.

You don't realise how much you need electricity until you lose it!
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Post by Savvy »

Not a birthday but a wedding anniversary. Our 19th... and neither of us remembered till my mobile phone diary 'pinged' to tell me. This was at 2.30pm so we decided to go and have a meal in the Dolphin. Of course they weren't serving so we ended up with olives and peanuts. Just like the olden days........ except then we couldn't afford the olives.
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Post by paultreacy »

Very sorry to hear about the power outage. I'm in New York City and had my birthday yesterday. My wife, two sons and I ate dinner outside across the street and listened to a quartet playing beautiful music. It was extremely hot in NYC yesterday, however, and the electricity system was seriously stretched.

We are about to move back to the UK and will be living in SE26. Previously, 6 years ago, we lived in Camberwell, SE5. My wife is English and I'm Irish. Our lads are 3 and 6 and will be attending local schools.

We are very much looking forward to the move and meeting many of you. We should be installed by the end of July, all things going to plan.

Paul Treacy
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Post by user100 »

Glad to hear that you will be joining us, I am sure you will be very happy in Sydenham.

Keep us all posted when you arrive and get settled.
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