Lawrie Park Road history - please help

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Lawrie Park Road history - please help

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I have recently moved to Sydenham and live in the victorian terrace of maisonettes at the Sydenham end of Lawrie Park Road. I have been trying to find out the history of them, can anyone help ? - Gill
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Lawrie Park Maisonettes

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I have friends who have been living there for over 10 years. I believe they are Edwardian but could be wrong.
I will point out the web site to them
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Lewisham Local History Centre (in the main library at Lewisham) has a wonderful set of records called Drainage Applications. Whenever a building was connected to the main drainage system, detailed plans had to be submitted to the local authority for approval. However, they give far more than just drainage information. They often give detailed building plans, the name of the builder and, if you are lucky, the name of the architect. and, of course, the date of the application gives a clue as to when they were built. Local Studies website is at:
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