cry for help. accommodation wanted

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Irish Eyes
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cry for help. accommodation wanted

Post by Irish Eyes »

I am going to Sydenham to work for four months as part of my degree course from Ireland. I have 2 friends who are coming with me as well one male and we have tried to find accommodation and have no luck. We start work on the 19th of January. We really need some help in finding short term let. If anyone could help us it would be great. :( :( :(

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Place to stay

Post by paultreacy »

I too am Irish but have not been living here long. However, school resumes on the morrow and so I'll put the word out and see what happens.

Best of luck to you.

Paul Treacy

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Post by Eagle »

Good Luck I know it is not easy.

If you say you have children they will give you best accomodation in the borough and benefits galore.

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Have you tried

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This chap might be able to help .I know he had some rooms to let.

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you could also look at the local paper online lots of adverts in there

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Irish Eyes
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thanks to everyone who replies to my cry for help

Post by Irish Eyes »

accommodation got in sydenham for my daughter. she is looking forward to living in your place for 4 months. i hope that she gets on well in her job and enjoys every minute over there.
thanks again to you all. :) :) :)

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