9.17am from Sydenham

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9.17am from Sydenham

Post by Nickerbockers »

Hi, can I ask you experts? Anyone have any idea if the 9.17am from Sydenham is particularly busy as it leaves the station? My mum who has a VERY bad back (metalwork holding it together basically) has to go to an apt at Guy's tomorrow and is hoping to get the 9.17am from Sydenham but pick it up from Forest Hill (where she doesn't have to cross the footbridge). It's really vital she knows whether she's likely to get a seat or not.

Could anyone enlighten me if it's a train they get every day or even sometimes on whether there are still seats as it leaves Sydenham Station.

Thanks guys.

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Post by Ronski »

I get a train half an hour earlier than that & get a seat most times, I'd reckon she'd be fine. If she stays at the bridge end there are more seats on those carriages I'd say as everyone is bunched up at the front for London Bridge. If someone said I've got pins holding my back together do you mind if I sit down I doubt anyone in their right mind would say no. It gets busier after Forest Hill with about half the people getting a seat if that.
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Post by Gaz »

Yep, she'll be fine at that time. You can start getting seats easily from the 0857 from Sydenham - especially if you head to middle/rear of the train.

Also, don't forget that the side gate leading directly onto the up platform at Syd is open if it is easier for her to get there rather than FH.
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9.17 from Sydenham

Post by nomie44 »

For further trips your mum might like to get the new priority seat card from Southern. She sounds like she'd qualify - you can then show the card to someone sitting in a priority seat and they should get up for you.
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Post by Donny »

She'll be fine I normally get the 09.11 and there are plenty of seats through to Brockley
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