Another option of Doctor's ???

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fuzzy logic
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Another option of Doctor's ???

Post by fuzzy logic »


I know we have all been here before BUT I would like to know whether my only choice of GP if I live on Newlands Park is the Sydenham surgery on the high st ? I don't want to name any names but the advice given in there to myself,partner and for our young baby amongst other things was shocking. I won't go into details but it amazes me how some people still have job's !

Any other option will do !

Thanks in very eager anticipation.
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Post by caz »


if you live on Newlands Park, you should be able to register with the Sydenham Green surgery off Champion Road (Holmes Close?? - I think the address is somewhere on this website). Recommended for babies and young children as well!
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Couldn't agree more

Post by chelsea123 »

I have a young baby and am too disgusted by the state of the 'doctors' at the Sydenham Surgery. The outside decor says it all really. I'm totally gutted that I'm not able to register with any other doctors in the area (and believe me I tried). It's a disgrace that we have to put up with this level of health care. One of them is blatantly just waiting for retirement. I wouldn't trust the opinion of any of them. If my son is ill, I'll take him to Lewisham Children's A&E - the staff there are brilliant.
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Doctors surgery on high street

Post by claireclaire »


Yea..... I was really disheartened when I realised that was going to have to be my GP surgery as well. It just looks so shocking, like some sort of dirty alleyway where you go to have illegal abortions with a coat hanger or something... (sorry if that's too gory an image ... but I swear that is what it feels like!)

But having said that, I personally thought the staff were ok. To be honest, I felt sorry for them having to work in a depressing environment like that, and I sort of respected them for trying to still give a good level of service despite everything.

I guess I feel you can find a crappy doctor anywhere - just because the surroundings are crappy, doesn't necessarily mean all the staff are crappy. You know I've got family in the US who go to these fantastic shiny hospitals where everything costs a bomb (via health insurance, of course), and some of them have still had bad experiences.

Having said all that, fuzzylogic, it sounds like you had a bad experience... and I definitely agree that you have to be proactive about looking after your own health, and if you feel you got bad treatment, you should change GP!!

good luck
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Post by chelsea123 »

Well - just wanted to let you all know that we have now changed doctors and have registered with Sydenham Green surgery - the one down near Savacentre. If you live on Newlands park, you should be able to register there too.
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Post by dorino »

I would advise anyone who is unhappy with their GP to contact the Patient Liason service at Lewisham for help and advice. I moved to the area at 28 weeks pregnant and had problems getting signed up with a doctor (I didn't want to go near the surgery on Sydenham Road because it just looks so grim, even though it's virtually on my doorstep) and they were very helpful. I think if you have a good enough reason they can help you sign up with a different practice just outside your catchment area, so it's worth making enquiries.
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Post by Frangipan »

I have recently moved from Anerely to Sydenham. I'm still registered at Park Practice in Anerley but for ease I was thinking about changing to the one on Sydenham High Street.

Now, Park Practice is clean and modern etc but so hard to get an appointment early/late. I work 1.5hrs commute away so can't have middle of the day appointments.

What is the fleibility of the Sydenham High Street appointment/walk in clinic for simple things like repeat prescription check ups etc?

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We have been down this road before......Hmm,

Yes we all agree that the Sydenham Surgery does look very bad and not appealing at all to eye, however.....

I have been with the surgery for many years and think they do a great job and I have never had a need to complain or moan. Maybe for me it's just luck.

But going back to the state of the entrance, when I go to my surgery I don't care what the state of the door is like or what it may remind me of but more about the care I will receive when I get in. This Surgery offers many great services and I think their team work very hard with the resources they have, so again let's not judge their performance by the state of their entrance.

Fair enough if you have had a bad experience with a GP well that's different.....But having been with all of the surgerys in Sydenham over the years the Sydenham one to me is the best...

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Two points please. Complaints on surgery decor etc is fair comment here.

Comment on professional practice is inappropriate. If you are unhappy with any medical practice in Sydenham - you should report it to the supervising authority. Medicine is a messy business. All doctors make mistakes, It needs a supervisory authority to see whether it was an anomaly or part of a pattern of bad practice. Which is why it is so important to report.

Secondly while catchment areas expand & contract depending on demand - whenever I have physically checked in the past - every part of SE26 was covered by at least two of the three main Sydenham Surgeries. So there should be a choice.

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Post by MissDee »

I used to live in Forest Hill and now in Lower Sydenham...I am going to Perry Vale Medical Centre.
Really nice and professional GP. They have now late night openings as well.
Definitely recommend them!
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