Bell Green, Dillwyn Rd in the 60's

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Re: Bell Green, Dillwyn Rd in the 60's

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Bill Davis wrote: 21 Oct 2016 19:18 I am Bill Davis and lived next to the bowling green by the Liversy Hall. This site for Lower Sydenham brings back many memories. I to remember Brett's the green grocer's. I always called them Aunty Una and Uncle Ernie. I use to have a weekend job at Mathers the butchers near to Toyland. Does anyone remember the horse trough at the bottom of Dillwyn Road and the Hole in the Wall off licence. If you were in Sydenham from 1950 can you reply to this it would be nice to hear from someone of that time.
I've just been chatting to my family - my great grandmother was Una - do you remember their son Ray?
Richard L
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Re: Bell Green, Dillwyn Rd in the 60's

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I'm trying to trace information about my family who lived in Bell Green from 1890 to 1960's - The family name is Cranstoun - my Grandfather John William was a milkman and died sometime between 1947 and 1950. My mum Edith and her 9 siblings (5 boys - Cecil, Jack, Les, Doug and Norman and 4 girls - Alice, Gladys,Nell and Marg) lived in Dillwyn Road and my Grandmother Clara latterly lived in Sunnydene Street until her death in the 60's. My Grt Uncle Bert Cranstoun and my aunt Alice lived in Adamsrill Road until the she died in the early 70's.
If anyone has anyone remembers any of the family members I'd be most grateful to hear from them.
Thanks - Richard
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Re: Bell Green, Dillwyn Rd in the 60's

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Richard- Had a look in my 1931 Kelly's Directory for Sydenham and found your Grandfather, John William Cranstoun living at 16 Dillwyn Rd. Like so many working class families across London and the UK back then, members of the extended family were living within a stones throw ; William Cranstoun (your Greatgrandfather?) was living at 3 Porthcawe Rd. and a Mrs.Cranstoun,possibly your Aunt Alice, was living at 235 Adamsrill Rd.

I'm afraid I don't remember your family in the 60's & 70's- I lived right at the other end of Sydenham,the Wells Park Rd. area.
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Re: Bell Green, Dillwyn Rd in the 60's

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Hi, I used to live at 57 Dillwyn Rd in the 60s with my parents, twin brothers , my aunt and uncles until we were rehoused to Sunnydene Street. I used to go to St Michaels Primary School with Debbie Swan who also lived in the road. Later on I went to Sydenham County secondary school. I used to know Linda Fossett and Retia Atkinson whose mum was known as Auntie Gwen. On my side of the road there was the Burtons , the Pye's and Newtons, Fossetts, someone called Jacqui who I think lived next door to Linda, and the Spinks. I also remember Keith Elmore. Was such a great community where you felt safe and you knew people by family name.
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