Bell Green, Dillwyn Rd in the 60's

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Re: Bell Green, Dillwyn Rd in the 60's

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Bill Davis wrote: 21 Oct 2016 19:18 I am Bill Davis and lived next to the bowling green by the Liversy Hall. This site for Lower Sydenham brings back many memories. I to remember Brett's the green grocer's. I always called them Aunty Una and Uncle Ernie. I use to have a weekend job at Mathers the butchers near to Toyland. Does anyone remember the horse trough at the bottom of Dillwyn Road and the Hole in the Wall off licence. If you were in Sydenham from 1950 can you reply to this it would be nice to hear from someone of that time.
I've just been chatting to my family - my great grandmother was Una - do you remember their son Ray?
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