fun for kids!

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fun for kids!

Post by chioma »

:D hello all,

i am in sydenham for a month and need to know what i can do with my kids. They are ages 2-6./love swimming n ben 10.
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fun for kids

Post by nomie44 »

While you're here, go to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill where they can enjoy the music room and aquarium as well as lots of workshops (usually have to be 3-plus). If the weather's nice, don't miss the huge sandpit across the road - my 3-year-old can spend hours there.
Take them to see the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park (and the farm, but check website for opening hours). The Bridge leisure Centre has had a problem with heating its small pool, so give them a call before heading out for a swim. Maybe go for a swim while you're at Crystal Palace.
Sydenham library has storytime for littlies on Tuesday plus free workshops usually for five-plus. Forest Hill library too.
There are loads of parks with great playgrounds. PM me if I can help more.
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Post by SydenhamHillAndy »

Bellingham has a nice little soft-play area, much cheaper than the alternatives at Gambado in Beckenham or Kidspace in Croydon. It's called Little Rascals and is surprisingly good.

Take the train to London Bridge and you have HMS Belfast and the Golden Hind, both of which are fun.

The woods off Crescent Wood Road are fun, you can walk down to the Harvester off the South Circular. There is a great swamp, a scary tunnel and a folley in the shape of a castle.

You might have to travel further afield for more fun, but Crystal Palace Park and Wells Park are both nice.

Totally agree regarding the Horniman - completely awesome.

Don't forget a lot of the main museums are free - just remember to take a picnic with you as this is how they are forced to make their money these days.

Have fun!
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Post by paultreacy »

Horniman right now has Myths and Monstors. It's fantastically brilliant. The musical instrument room has to be experienced to be believed. Kids love it. Absolutely love it.

The hot chocolate for kids at SugaHill Cafe is favored too as a treat.

Whatever you decide to do you MUST take a walk amongst the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park. It's simply delightful. There is NOTHING like it anywhere. Period!

Good hunting.
Paul Treacy
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Re: fun for kids!

Post by Monique_Neill »

chioma wrote::D hello all,

i am in sydenham for a month and need to know what i can do with my kids. They are ages 2-6./love swimming n ben 10.


My Friends and I go to Gambado its fantastic and so large (indoor play centre) in Beckenham with lots of activities for the children to do. My son loves the climbing wall and is always on the dodgem cars racing around the track with his friends. I can never get my little one off the carousel and I'm a big kid too, one of the 3 slides is my favourite. I often go down on Wednesdays for a toddler group and they hold story time and arts/crafts. I find it value for money for everything they offer. Hope you make it down there!
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Post by chioma »

thanks all!
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Post by Ronski »

I only discovered it the other day, there's also a little farm by the Dinosaurs (towards the running track) in Crystal Palace Park that kids would enjoy, only a few animals, goats, horses, pigs & some Llamas.
The New Girl
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Post by The New Girl »

I was actually coming to ask for similar advice. I moved to sydenham a few months ago and have a 3 yr old daughter. I tried a few of the playschools but all of them are full until September :( at the moment she has regular trips to crystal palace park and sydenham library while we tend to go into the city at weekends. But what I want to know is are there any mother and toddler groups that would be worth taking her to so she can make some friends as currently she has none in sydenham :(

Also she did baby ballet in before we moved here but there arent any close enough to go to that are on at the weekend, so are there any kids dance classes she could go to?

thanks guys :D
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Post by yummymummy »

Hi New Girl,

Both my daughters (3 and 8 years old) attend Glenlyn stage school. (near Sydenham Library)

They have a few young children classes, one in the week and one on a Saturday from 12 - 1pm (currently £3 per class), during this hour they do and bit of tap and ballet.

If it is something you are interested in, it maybe worth knowing their annual show is taking place at the end of March and so maybe better not to start till after that.

if you want any further info feel free to PM me.
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Post by LaHibernis »

For pre-schoolers there is now loads going on in and around Sydenham thanks to the Children's Centres that operate out of Eliot Bank and Kelvin Grove - toy libraries, music groups, etc. as well as sports sessions in local parks (TeachSport run a session on Thursday mornings at Sydenham Wells Park and on Saturday mornings at Mayow Park).

Up-to-date details can be found at ... vities.htm (We're Area 4)

Otherwise there are quite a few baby/toddler groups going on, most of which are run by local churches - Our lady and Philip Neri run one on Tuesday and Friday mornings in the church hall next to Sydenham library; Scallywags is run on Tuesday mornings in the Scout hut at the top of Grange Lane next to Dulwich Woods; the Sarham toddler group runs on Fridays from 1.15 at Grove Centre House on Jews Walk and there used to be a group run by Forest Hill Community Church at the Here for Good Centre on Sydenham Road on Friday mornings although I've heard that it's temporarily closed.

Plus there's another toddler group run by Adamsrill School on Tuesday-Thursday mornings, plus Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons which apparently is very good, although I've never been and there is a waiting list.

I think that someone has already mentioned the library sessions at both Sydenham library and Forest Hill library on Tuesday mornings from 10.15 and 10am respectively.

There's also a great little music group that meets every other Thursday from 10.30ish in the Community Centre on Venner Road (the Sydenham Road end).

All of these activities are either free or cost less than a pound - I think that we are very fortunate to have all of this on our doorstep and I just wish that I'd known about them all when I first moved to Sydenham!!

Also, for ballet, there's a group on Saturday morning at the Community Centre on Venner Road which is run by Dance4you who are based in Beckenham (see - they have a pre-primary class at 9am.
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Post by HitPR »

sydenham may seem a quiet place but theres always loads happening if u dig.
lived here since I was 1 and 28 yrs later (bar the 4 yrs up north) i wouldnt wanna live any where else!

but personally i find CrystalPalace park (or wells park on rare occassions) great for days out with my nephew/myfriends (mainly as its litually down road lol but its a nice park)

Just sit on grass with a ice cream, or walk around the water n dinos, go in the maze (bit run down at mo), and as few said about the sports center in middle of the park.
Also as it starts heating up your sometimes find bouncy castles set up some times!

Then off to cafe in CP park for lunch, nice day out all in all. *and toddlers love the play area in CP park also*
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