Advice on moving Sydenham

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Advice on moving Sydenham

Post by dreamweaver »

Hi myself and my family have seen a lovely house in sydenham just off Sydenham Road which is ideal for us but we have no idea what the area is like? We have a 14 year old girl and newly born triplet boys.

We do not drive so would rely highly on public transport, what sort of shops are in the area? what is their to do for babies? where is the closest supermarket, doctors, dentist ect
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Post by simon »

Hi Dreamweaver,
Sydenham Road is a long road but a lot of buses go up and down it, connecting you to may other places, including the giant Sainsburys at Bell Green at the bottom of Sydenham Road. With Sainsburys and the local shops you should be ok for day to day shopping.
On a general level; Sydenham is socially diverse with a growing sense of community . We are blessed with lots of green and open spaces and good transport links.
There are plenty of doctors and dentists but your closest ones will depend where abouts off Sydenham Raod you are.
I can't comment on baby issues as I don't have children myslef, but plenty on here do and I am sure they will help.
I hope you manage to move here and Im sure that if you do will be glad you did.
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moving to sydenham

Post by nomie44 »

Hi there - lots to do with babies - loads of playgroups, a great choice of parks - we can easily walk to at least three. Plus music groups, storytime at library, and the Horniman Museum, gardens and sandpit in park just a bus ride a away. If you have an iPhone download the free walk score app, which lists all the shops, libraries, coffee shops etc and how easy they are to walk to.
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Post by leenewham »

We moved here 2 years ago and love it.

Yes the high street looks shabby, but that will improve (there is a high street refurbishment scheme which has been approved from Kirkdale down to Kent House Road) and there are some diamonds among the coals like Sugahill, The Dolphin, Trattorria Raffaelle, Kirkdale Bookshop etc.

There are great parks. Home park down the bottom of Sydenham (where the library is) is having an outdoor gym installed this year and has a newly refurbished adventure playground. Then there's Mayow park, Wells Park, Crystal Palace Park, The Sydenham Garden (Which I still haven't been too)

The houses around Sydenham are great. Lots of nice streets blah blah blah blah...

If there was ONE reason why you SHOULD move to sydenham, I'd say community. Never have I lived in a place where so many people seem to give a sh*t. While disagreements take place and some people can be a tad abrasive, their hearts are in the right place. I lived in Brockley for 8 years, Hampstead for 9 years and yet in that time I never recalled walking down the street and saying hello to so many different people. I think Sydenham is Friendly. It's the first time I have loved somewhere and it's really felt like home.

Oh, one more reason. Value. You get far more for your money in Sydenham than anywhere else I looked (if you are buying, not sure about renting). Good Victorian, Edwardian and post war houses with good size gardens.
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Post by Ronski »

Also dont forget the directory & Sydenham info page on this site, lots of useful stuff...
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Post by davieboy66 »

Also the East London Line should benefit the area, and hopefully push up prices. That was certainly a big factor when i bought last year.
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Post by pujs »

Hi Dreamweaver
We have just bought on another road here. We lived in Dulwich but couldn't get anything half decent there for our 275k budget. I will recommend the area based on my research, easy transport, useful shops nearby, relatively clean streets, parks. There seem to be so many forums for mums with so many mothers with small children. I am sure ywill find good company, advise.

i hope you buy the house you liked. Do let us know.
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