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Big Ben
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Sydenham Knits!

Post by Big Ben »

As part of the Sydenham Arts Festival, Sydenham Knits will be aiming to knit as many green, 6-inch squares as possible. These will be made into blankets for the baby unit at Kings College Hospital.
We meet at The Dolphin, Sydenham Road, on the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm.Our dates for knitting the squares are:
May 10th, June 14th, July 12th.
We welcome new knitters so please come with your needles and green wool. Wool will be supplied if you do not have any!
It's a fun and friendly evening, so please join us - you will be very welcome!

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Post by bea »

any room for people who cant knit but would like a go?

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Post by squig »

what a brilliant plan. Wish I could knit. I think I've done a Really Important Big Thing when I've let my son's trousers down. Oh well you can't do it all. Sigh.... Sounds like a lovely chilled out evening!

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Post by DanaMonty »

Oooo! I could be moving to the area very soon (if all goes to plan with the estate agent) and I'm a keen knitter. I'm very happy to see there's a local knitting group and that you have a fab project on the cards.

I'm sure I will be along with my green wool!

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