Johnson/Stocks in Sydenham

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Johnson/Stocks in Sydenham

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Are there any relatives of William Charles Johnson born on 2 April 1907 in Sydenham and died on 5 May 1964 in Catford still living in the area. He had brothers Archibold Harold born 1908, Jacob Edward (Jack) born 1911, Alfred Herbert born 1916 and a sister Florence Kate. She was married to Harry Stocks, and Archibold was married to Minnie Stocks.

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Re: Johnson/Stocks in Sydenham

Post by fishcox »

Sorry Chaz, I cant be any help.

I do have to admit that I checked out your thread in the vain hope that the title would lead me to some sort of public humiliation of the Mayor of London, which was taking place on the roundabout at Cobbs Corner.

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Re: Johnson/Stocks in Sydenham

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Hi Chas,

Charles Edward Johnson is my great-grandfather. I don't live in Sydenham but my father lives in Catford. I've done quite a bit of family research on Charles and his wife, Kate. I've sent you a private message regarding this.

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