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I am in the process of looking into hypnotherapy myself - have given up smoking and am struggling BIG TIME!!!!!

If you search the net using Google or Ask Jeeves, there are loads. I found one called Blaze Hypnosis in the local paper. They are based in Beckenham and Blackheath. For the 'Quit Smoking' session, it is £250 (bit pricey) - not sure what they would charge for dealing with anxiety or depression though. It could be free if you were referred by your GP. I understand you not wanting 'depression' on your medical records but 1 in 3 people suffer with some form of depression in their lives, be it panic attacks or post natal depression. It is nothing to be ashamed of and well done for coming on the forum about it.

Good luck.
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Nork1, I wouldn’t worry too much about your medical record affecting your future employment chances. In my experience of employing people in a firms that use health checks, the manager gets very little detail (i.e. fit to work or not). The assessment of “fit to work” is made on an individual’s current status. So, if you have seen a doctor and have sorted out an issue then there should be no reason to “fail” a health check (maybe unless you are going for a particularly highly stressed job or similar). People pass health checks with far more serious things in their history.

If you are worried that any problems might be misrepresented or no longer relevant in the future, then don’t forget; you are always given the chance to review any medical report before it is sent to a prospective employer and that the current discrimination laws are on your side.

However, I’m not a medical or legal expert and this is based on my personal experience. But, depression can be serious and the most important thing is to get better. I would encourage you to see your GP. If you really are set against seeing your own GP, then try one of the walk in private doctors, such as the Medi-Centres (I’ve seen several at mainline stations including Waterloo and Victoria).

Good luck and I hope you are better soon.
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