Sydenham Arts Festival Photographic Exhibition

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Ann Pownall
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Sydenham Arts Festival Photographic Exhibition

Post by Ann Pownall »

An exhibition of photographs from the Sydenham Arts Festival is currently showing at Kirkdale Bookshop Gallery. It is called 'The First Four Years', and yes you've guessed it...celebrates the wondrous smorgasbord of events that the Sydenham Arts Festival has produced over the four years of its existence.

I was asked by the Festival to put this exhibition together and it has been great fun to revisit the varied performances and events, as well as see the ones I missed, but wished I hadn't.

The exhibition is open during Kirkdale Bookshop's opening hours, 9-6, Mon-Sat, and runs until 31 October.
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Re: Sydenham Arts Festival Photographic Exhibition

Post by paultreacy »

Been in to see it twice. Lovely little show. Lovely litte gallery too at Kirkdale Bookshop.
Go have a wee look.
- Paul.
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