Glamour Lounge . . . sorry to drag this up again!!

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Glamour Lounge . . . sorry to drag this up again!!

Post by TommyP »

Hi there all,
Ermmm..... right ... I know much in the past has been written about the goings on and transition from Twilights to The glamour lounge and therefore perhaps I am quite out of line when I ask for information on this venue. I have looked through past blogs and can't really find what i'm looking for.
So . . . . I was just really wondering what the score is with this place if anyone should know.... Like say opening times ... or Is it actually open? Has anyonebeen ?. . .would they recommend it? Anything folks ... just anything . . . . my hunger for this strange information must be satisfied!

Apologies for regurgitating (sp?) this topic if its a real long gone dead one!
Anyway, hope to hear something if anyone has any info to chuck my way. . . much obliged :D

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Post by fishcox »

Hi Tommy

I am sure that Admin can point us in the direction of the original thread(s) for this matter, but in a nutshell, it is as follows.

The Glamour Lounge, despite sounding like the sort of venue that the single (or maybe married) gentleman (or maybe lady) would enjoy, was, in fact, going to be a club for gentlemen and ladies who were into scatting - jazz music, that is.

From what I remember, it was the idea of an entrepreneurial lady to open a club in south London, which would be similar to Ronnie Scott's. Unfortunately, it never seemed to get off the ground, thus leaving scatologists such as myself, disappointed.

I am not certain whether the idea was finally declared dead, or whether any money was actually spent on the interior of the club, but nothing has happened since.

One night (well, early morning) in the summer of 2005, I did walk past, and it looked like it was open. Alas, it was not - although they did have bouncers, red carpet and velvet rope. Maybe the whole thing was a set up, and it was just being used as a film set or something - I would love to know.

That's all I (sort of) know, Tommy.

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Post by TommyP »

well cheers for that insight anyway - i knew it was meant to be opening a while back when everyone was a chatting about it but alas nothing as you say seems to have come of it. It would have been a different venue for Sydenham and much appreciated by many i would have thought.
Perhaps we should buy it and do it ourselves!!

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Post by back_ache »

Too add to what fishcox said, it did appear to open one night but it was just for show, it was for the documentary being made about her trying to open the nightclub.

everything fishcox saw was hired in from a theatrical supplier, the bouncers were family/friends of famliy.

the band they had on that night were really good and if they had kept to that level it would have been great.

one thing that did impede them was that the local toerags had broken in previously and stole all the sound and lighting equipment so that had to be borrowed and hired in.

I think the problem was the person behind it was someoone with a dream rather than a business head so it never actually opened.

pity, it would have been good.

If you are thinking of opening it yourself you will have your work cutout, it is not up to modern nightclub standards in there.

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