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Post by SAF »

You really do need those glasses. On Saturday I was smoking outside under two large and very warm heaters. Plus, with 20/20 those wall lights are sooo cool!
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Post by Weeble »

I really don't like those wall lights either (and there's nothing wrong with my eyesight :D )

The pictures on the walls are a big improvement though.

Still think some more big sofas would be a better use of space - it doesn't feel very cosy at the moment (apart from by the fire!).

We tried the food the other night - we had two small plates and a portion of chips between us which was plenty for a light meal, and was very tasty!
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Post by Murfmullet »

So what do people think of the Dolphin now it's re-opened? Is they're any of the following?:

1) Jukebox/ music
2) Dart Board
3) Pool table

What's the atmosphere like in they're, is it posher, for want of a better description?
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Post by nork1 »

Prepare for incoming Murfmullet! :shock:
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Post by castiron73 »

Finally got a babysitter and went to the Dolphin on Friday with mrs castiron. Had a very enjoyable evening, including meeting annabel and nasoroc. Everyone in there seemed overjoyed to have somewhere decent to go at last.

One small suggestion would be to replace those high round tables surrounded by barstools with proper tables and chairs. They make a pub look like a booze-cruise ferry.
Another would be to add some small screens – as in partitions not TVs! – here and there to divide the room up a bit, to make it a bit more cosy and help the acoustics. Even tall pot plants might do it. It feels slightly like a canteen as it is.

But minor quibbles. A great local with a good mix of clientele, as far as I could see.
kiwi in sydenham
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Post by kiwi in sydenham »

after living here for 7 months i went to the dolphin on sat night my first time to a local pub was very nice we had a meal which was good the menu is not large but was good we had to wait for a table but a friendly local saw us waiting and awapped our place at the bar the service needs a little improving but all in all a good experience and will be back it beats catching a train to the city!!!
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Post by Savvy »

Mr Savvy and I love the Dolphin and are regulars now. We'd like to see the Sunday lunch presented on proper plates rather than in the 'tappas' bowls. The tappas bowls are a bit small (and you still get a plate underneath anyway) and actually make the portions look smaller than they are. Mr S placed his lunch onto the plate and there was quite a good sized portion there, more than it looked and much easier to eat. Can't wait for the garden to open! We have a friend reluctantly returning to Sydenham after a three year stint in Thailand and Cambodia..... at least he'll have a great pub to come home to. We're looking forward to taking him there for the first time in April.
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What happened to the windows???

Post by me in sydenham »

Just passed the dolphin and looks like the windows have been shot at? Anyone know what happened? I hope no one was hurt and it was just kids with pellets. Such a shame to see the unsavoury element out to ruin what's turning out to be a great pub.
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Post by simon »

Well me in sydenham it certainly looked like drive by, but I've just spoken to someone who was there on Saturday night and this is waht they say happened: An obnoxious drunk was asked leave and refused and was thrown out, not before he had pulled out a knife. Police were called and attended but no arrests were made. Later that night three men smashed the front windows with baseball bats. Although they were wearing ski masks, one was IDd as the earlier troublemaker and will no doubt have now been questioned. So, although a distasteful incident, not as bad as it initially looked.
When I was in at lunchtime I asked but they didn't want to tell. Its hardly surprising that they will get some trouble now and then and Im sure they know how to deal with it.
Had a nice lunch with a lovely couple of pints of Broadside. Like the way they offer small portions of all the dishes. Still dont like the wall lights though. Afterwards I took home a latte from Finkls and though it was just like working in Soho!!
BTW, noticed the cafe that replaced the Copper Lamp has closed, would makea good site for coffee shop.
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Post by Julsb »

I've been in the Dolphin twice now, once on a Saturday afternoon with husband, in-laws and toddler and once for Friday lunch with a friend. Both times the food was great (managed to sample the cheese plate, trout pate, cassoulet, cauliflower cheese, goujons, and beef stew so far) and the service was fine. The pub wasn't super-busy either time, but became busier while we were there.

I thought the menu had lots of kid-friendly options on it. Even children who aren't terribly adventurous have bread and cheese to fall back on, and my son was really taken with the cassoulet (well, it IS just beans n' sausages). He left the spicy bits of merguez but that was fine as I wanted to eat them anyway!

I'm planning to go one evening this week to see what it's like outside daylight hours. It's so nice to have a local option for going out!
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Post by Jane73 »

The Dolphin is lovely & everything, and it's made a huge difference to that part of sydenham road.

Trouble is, like the Dartmouth Arms, its got very few veggie options & the wine is sooo expensive.

It's a real, real shame, as I'd like to like it more.....If you see what I mean...
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The Dolphin

Post by KM »

I SOOOO agree!!
Nice pub and a blessed relief to the high street but such expensive wine!!
Come on...we're not quite Crystal Palace! Well, yet.
Honestly though, i do think it is a bit too.
You'll find me in Gurkha's up the road for noshing.
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Post by Wispy Wonder »

OK, The Dolly is a big improvement but £3.10 for a single shot - no way!! I pay less than that in the West End where there isn't a Lidl in sight.

W Wonder
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Post by Juwlz »

The quality of the food and the wine in the Dolphin is good enough to charge those prices I think. Espeically the wine, which is fantastic. These days we've got too used to food and drink being dirt cheap due to either the environment or people being exploited. You get what you pay for.
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Post by Weeble »

I thought the food was pretty good value myself - can't speak for the drinks as the other half has been to the bar each time we have been! :D
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Post by Wispy Wonder »


Amaretto is Amaretto and £3.10 a pop is a lot. As for the enviroment being worth the price - OK, the Dolphin is much better but let's put it into perspective

- It's in SE26 not EC1
- It's had a makeover (minus the toilets) but the lights still look as if they're hanging off the ceiling
- And although I've been in there half a dozen times, the perennially gum-chewing barman has never managed to serve me a drink, instead he simply grunts at the other staff to do it.

Yes - the place is an asset to Sydenham but cauliflower cheese, armchairs and abstract wall lights don't make it the Ritz - so it should charge accordingly.

Oh, and before anybody comments about pricing out the undesirables - don't. I'm not one of the knuckle-dragging half-wits that Sydenham seems to have more than it's fair share of - I simply refuse to be blinded by a lick of paint.

W. Wonder
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Post by SAF »

I agree with Juwlz. Don't know about the Gents but the Ladies are very clean and new with a marvellous mural. And did you notice that drinks are served in 35ml rather than the standard 25ml.? That is quite a lot bigger. They wouldn't serve me a double!
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The Dolphin

Post by gillyjp »

Just got back from TD and have had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. First time we have been in there and it won't be the last. The food was great and good value for money. I agree with earlier posts on this thread in that I hope they vary the menu every so often - judging by what others have said, it sounds as though they do.

It was very busy in there this evening and there was a buzz about the place. Completely different from the Dulwich Woodhouse which is our pub of choice - not better, just different. It is rather nice to know we have two local pubs to choose from when we fancy popping out for a bite to eat and a beer. We will be interested to see what it will be like in the summer when the garden is open.

I hope it will give Sydenham the lift it needs to start flourishing. I still don't see why Sydenham Road can't be as trendy as East Dulwich - perhaps it will be soon.
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The Dolphin

Post by Schlim76 »

I just wanted to say that as a firm regular of the Dartmouth Arms, I am over the moon that there is finally something similar in Sydenham. I've been a couple of times are really like it - and I can walk from my flat which makes a change from getting a bus to FH or CP.

It's just nice to go somewhere where you're not offered out for a fight, asked for a cigarette by a chavvy 12 year old or holding onto your hand bag for dear life.
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Post by sydenhamboy »

I know we can't possibly still talking about the Dolphin(!) - but was in there on Saturday night (there was a time I would have been embarrassed to take a few friends out in Sydenham - but was proud to suggest 'popping to my local'). Nice and busy - food was great and pleasantly sat there till 12:45 am not being rushed to finish up - but sat there in a - dare I say it - continental style relaxed atmosphere. Interesting beer selection. So much better than the days of being screamed at to " :x do your talkin' while you're walkin'" at 11 o clock while gulping down a poor quality lager.
And that garden is going to be superb and I would have thought pretty sought after when our Summer months kick in.

I think the Dolphin could do with some friendly competition - know wot I mean !!!
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