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No need to move from your screen. Just discovered this really neat site that shows trains moving in almost real time on our network - just zoom into Sydenham :

I got this from a story in The Register with the news that National Rail are opening up their database on train data. Maybe a clever person might want to help me design something special for Sydenham: ... ase_opens/


Re: Trainspottin'

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I am informed there are even geekier versions available these days:
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Re: Trainspottin'

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The point you're making is that they have overlooked Sydenham Station?

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Re: Trainspottin'

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Depending on what you're trying to spot, be it passenger or non passenger workings, I tend to use Rail Record which allows you to check for trains at your local station in great detail.
The only problem with it is that doesn't show "fast" and non passenger trains for all passing points, so sydenham would be not showing freight trains, you'd have to search at a busier location such as east croydon.
For freight trains for today at east croydon you can go to ... &s=on&x=on

As previous posters have said, opentraintimes maps is also very good for seeing live updates in a signal map style, but like rail record above, its timetable feature only shows the major passing points. I know realtimetrains website does show all the nickle and dime passing points, but I tend to find it is misrepresentative in several cases. It lists some locations where the train doesn't even pass.

As an avid trainspotter please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on my sydenham forum profile and I can answer any queries :D
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